A little bit of nothing September 23, 2022

A bookless day. I’m sad, kind of. It’s exciting to have more books but I don’t need more today, it’s all good.

I have nothing exciting in mind to share either but I feel like posting. I guess I’ll just talk and see what happens.

I like to watch newsy videos on YouTube. The suggestion strip down the side is great but it changes whenever I pick something to watch and then try to come back for the next one which has, of course, disappeared . This is frustrating. Today I decided to use the watch-later flag and went through the list picking out a whole bunch. I’ve done this before, thinking I needed to go back to the list to see the next one. This decision didn’t work all that well. Everything seemed to be messed up somehow and nothing worked the way I thought it would.

Today I decided to let it do it’s own thing and, surprise, surprise, it played through the whole list of flagged clips, automatically. The irony is I would have discovered this feature last time if I had been paying attention instead of insisting on doing things my own way. I like it their way, much more efficient. And less frustrating.

I enjoy watching a bunch of different people but picking one causes the algorithm to change the suggestion strip based on what it decides I want to see. More clips from whatever source I picked first. It will be fun flagging a bunch of different sites all at the same time throwing a wrench in his algorithmic brain cogs. Is that even possible?

I’ll end with my current read. I’m liking it but will admit to skimming rather than read every word. Not a bad thing as I can get through the book and on to the next one faster that way.

To save a woman from being kidnapped, Officer Chris Fuller and his K-9 partner, Teddy, have no choice but to let the fugitive they’re tracking get away. But when the escaped murderer returns to hunt tour pilot Lexie McDaniels again, Chris knows the attempted kidnapping wasn’t a chance encounter.

Lexie won’t be safe until he catches the criminal…but are her secrets what is endangering them all?


I’m a third of the way through this and should be on to another book tomorrow. Maybe we will even have new book suggestions tomorrow too. We just never know.

Happy Reading y’all

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