Bitter Sweet day with one book August 27, 2022

It is a bitter sweet day but not because of only one book. Our family lost an important part of our life today after a long battle with cancer. He was a beloved, good man, and it is not easy to see him go. At the same time the suffering is over and we can’t help but be happy for him. It would take a whole post in itself to name all the ways he is loved far and wide. We often say nice things about the deceased, true or not. In this case the tributes rolling in tell the real story, he touched many lives in positive ways and he will never be forgotten.

There are so many good stories, maybe there will be another post sometime. This gentle giant led a colorful life with his many talents and his sense of adventure.

Now on to the book suggestion that I’ve downloaded and half read. It was brought to my notice by the author and I’m loving this one.

Justified Means (The Agency Files Book 1)

How could she not be terrified?

When Erika Polowski is abducted from her bed and held captive without explanation, she has one goal. Get away before they kill her.

Keith Auger’s job as an agent is to keep Erika safe—even if it means keeping her locked in an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere. At gunpoint..

What should be a routine “involuntary extraction” goes south when someone finds out where they’re hiding. Add to that a coworker with a chip on her shoulder and too many unexplained “accidents,” and it all adds up to one unlikely, terrifying explanation..

There’s a mole in The Agency..

He’s promised to protect her, but can Erika trust a man whose job it is to hold people against their wills? Does his deep faith make it any better or just a whole lot creepier?

And just who wants Erika dead anyway?.

The Agency Files: They’ll do whatever it takes to keep their clients safe. Period.


I thought this book seemed familiar in places. It turns out it is because I read it two years ago. Obviously I don’t remember enough to spoil it for me. Maybe that’s a good thing.

It has been a good thing to have this book show up today. It has been a needed distraction.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Reading.

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