Short and sweet August 26, 2022

No new books today. But it’s Friday so that makes up for the disappointment.

I’m enjoying the current read more than I expected. It isn’t intense like the murder mystery but the characters have depth and their interactions are meaningful. Some of the situations and discussions are thought provoking. I think it’s fair to say there is a point to the interactions and it’s not a bad one. They are gradually allowing new perspectives in their long held habits and opinions and that is always a good thing.

There was an exciting birthing scene where they had to help a new mother-to-be who was in trouble. Her calf was in a bad position and it was touch and go on whether they could help her push out this big baby. Quite the experience for a citified music teacher. In her defense, it was all new but she took it in stride and did an excellent job as assistant to the impromptu “vet”.

It’s amazing how an experience like that can change our outlook on life.

I thought I might finish reading this book tonight but I’m not sure I can stay awake long enough.

My oldest grandson is leaving for college in the morning so we had a going-away/send-off party for him tonight. The backyard party was fun and travelling into the city wasn’t too bad except there was more traffic on the highway than usual. Although I guess, not really for this time of year. Summer is quickly coming to an end and people are making the most of it.

Here is the book, nearly finished.

The male main character is a reluctantly retired farmer who is frustrated because his heart condition does not allow him to work as hard as he wants to.

The female lead character is teaching his grand daughter piano. The student is as frustrated as he is because she wants to be in the barn with her animals, not trying to make pleasing sounds come from a piano.

Grandpa listens intently to the lessons while he is waiting for the lesson to be over. He is picking up the skill much faster than the pupil.

This guy reminds me of a landlord we had once. In his sixties, taking piano lessons for the first time and loving it.

Look at the time, must go.

Happy Reading folks.

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