New bargain from Christy Barritt June 03, 2022

It has been a busy week around my house with visiting family and I’ve loved every minute of it. This is the first time in years that I’ve had this much time with them and I learned some things.

My son loves to cook, fancy things, not just your regular meat and potatoes. It’s been a surprise because no one else in the family loves to cook. Not even me. I am impressed. And he cleans up after himself too. What a treasure. His wife knows when she has a very good thing going for her and lets him know how much she appreciates him.

They will be back and I can’t wait.

There wasn’t much reading and next-to-no blogging happening while they were here but that has changed already. I think I’m on my fourth book since they left and they were good ones. The kind that keep you up all night reading just-one-more chapter.

The other thing I’m excited about is the speed of spring. The trees have gone from sprouts to full leaves in a little more than a week. The newness of it all is inspiring.

So, getting back to blogging and books…
I’m excited to see a new series from suspense writer Christy Barritt. This is another of her pre-order bargains and with a vanishing ranch I’m trying to imagine what it will be like. It sounds intriguing.

Forgotten Secrets (Vanishing Ranch Book 1)

FBI Special Agent Jesse Marx doesn’t know which is worse—waking up in a horse stable with no memories of the past several days or waking up to discover he’s wearing a wedding band. Not only has he been injured, but he’s also gotten hitched—something he vowed never to do.

Sienna Fleming refuses to feel a connection to any man, much less be tied down to one. But when she needs help solving a string of murders, Jesse is the only man she can turn to for help. Unfortunately, Jesse is ready to bolt. Considering the circumstances, she can’t blame him . . . but she also can’t let him go.

The two are roped into this together. . . for better or worse . . . because it will take a united effort to stop this killer before someone else dies.


I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I plan to this weekend.

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