Free and bargain books October 25, 2021

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us, This is an author new to me and when I checked out her other books I found a second one free. I figured why not so we’ll go for both of them.

Way of the Raven

Two Converging Paths…NYC editor David Wappelhorst has everything going for him except what he’s wanted in life. Concerned he’s waited too long to pursue his dream of writing a bestseller, he ditches his prestigious career and relocates to his hometown.

After witnessing a murder and given a new identity, Megan Summers finds herself in a Podunk Pennsylvanian town far away from family. Stunned with grief, she wonders if it’s possible to rebuild her life. A nearby abandoned brick house with a grim history lends more unease to her situation. Has she escaped one deadly past to live in the shadow of another?

David is intrigued by crossing Megan’s path. Why does she seem familiar? And by meeting her has his desire turned tragically unattainable?


Rafe’s Cafe

Rafé always thinks of fall in a strange, sweet way. That’s when he met Patty.

With a flair for retro style and a feisty pet ferret, Rafé Sinclair is not the ordinary pizza chef of the 1990s. Although he enjoys hard work, nothing in his life has ever gone right. The dream of having his own café has vanished, and love has passed him by. When a friend sets up a blind date, he’s not sure what to expect. Is his life finally taking a turn for the best?

Running from a painful past, cute Goth Patty Blackford is matched to an unlikely suitor. Possibly he will be entertainment for several months or more. She will win his love with the intent of breaking his heart. Then she can fully receive the compensation the male gender owes her and rebuild her life.

Everything is looking up for Rafé and Patty. What could possibly go wrong?


1531 Entertainment has several collections we might like.

A Taking Chances Christmas 

Synopsis for the first book.

One girl, one problem, and two possible solutions.

An orphan herself, all Norah Monroe wants to do is adopt three kids from the Stanthorpe Children’s Home, giving them the home she never had.

Head of the adoption board, Octavia Stanthorpe, driven by her own self-importance and prejudice, is determined to rid the town of riffraff like those Monroes. Her solution? To dust off an outdated and long forgotten rule stating all adopters must be married…and Norah is not married.

Therefore… “Application denied.”

Enter Thad Davis, the town doctor, and Clay Barrett, a local rancher. One offers a marriage of convenience and a guaranteed solution to the adoption issue. The other offers the chance to fall in love with no guarantees at all. Supported by her brother, Norah needs to figure out what she’s going to do now.

If that wasn’t tricky enough, it’s early December and she has until the new year to do it. Will she run out and do something stupid or will she trust in the LORD forever?


Faith & Family Christmas Collection (20 Book Box Set)

Take courage this Christmas and join these brave women as they leave behind all they know for a new life out west.

In these delightful stories, the magic and hope of Christmas are never far away. Love will always find a way to melt even the coldest of hearts.

This collection of clean festive stories reminds us that there is nothing more important than family and faith at Christmas.

The box set contains these stories:

Finding Christmas
The Christmas Journey
Christmas Memories
Finding Faith at Christmas
Christmas Secrets
Her Christmas Joy
Christmas Miracles
The Christmas Bride
The Christmas Delivery
A Christmas Hope
The Christmas Gift
The Bride’s Christmas Blessing
The Two Christmas Gifts
The Christmas Choice
The Christmas Grieving
Finding A Family at Christmas
A Christmas Story of Two Sisters
Kitty’s First Christmas
A Cowboy’s Christmas Carol
The Christmas Heart


Hopefully there will be something here you like.

Happy Reading!

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