Current read October 26, 2021

Not much to share in the way of new books today. Well, it’s closer to nothing to share, to be honest.

There were a few suggestions but they were all recent acquisitions so no need to share them here again.

There was one completed read but I flipped through it to the end and only gave it three stars. It was not worth mentioning, in my mind anyway.

Finally, there is a book worth mentioning. It is a three book collection, I’m on book 1 and quite enjoying it.

A Taking Chances Christmas 

Dreaming of More

One girl, one problem, and two possible solutions.

An orphan herself, all Norah Monroe wants to do is adopt three kids from the Stanthorpe Children’s Home, giving them the home she never had.

Head of the adoption board, Octavia Stanthorpe, driven by her own self-importance and prejudice, is determined to rid the town of riffraff like those Monroes. Her solution? To dust off an outdated and long forgotten rule stating all adopters must be married…and Norah is not married.


It looks like I’m going to have to read all three books to find out who got the girl.

It’s only the end of October and already we have been having heavy frost. Winter seems to be arriving early this year. It will soon be time to break out the long-johns.

I don’t mind, I like being warm.

Happy reading, and stay warm.

Unless you are in Florida or south of the equator, in which case we would have to say, stay cool.

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