Read and enjoyed September 27,2021

Five awesome reads, held back from instant removal so I could share them with you.

A Wish for Christmas had some cool twists to it. A beautiful old family Inn, in danger of being sold for a defaulted mortgage. A unproven legend of hidden treasure and a deranged crook trying to force the owner to marry him for access to imagined wealth. A mix up, unexpectedly has a wealthy family with handsome single sons spending Christmas with Mila and her grandmother. Will they be an answer to Mila and Nora’s desperate prayers?

Written in Ink is full of angst as Renee ends a very long courtship, leaving Cash reeling with shock. He would give his life for her, he loves her that much. With no idea why she’s walked away from him, it’s impossible to fight for their relationship. When he gathers himself together enough to confront her, she blurts out the reason and his heart is completely broken. Determined to stick to her decision they both know it means the absolute end of them, ever. How can he live with that?

The next three were greatly enjoyed and may have been mentioned earlier. At any rate, they are definitely worth seeing again. I would read any of them a second time, gladly.

Some of these are still available as bargains, I think.

Happy Reading…

…on this warm sunshiny day.

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