It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old lady is not snoring.

She can’t snore, the rain is making way too much noise.

Crazy weather.

Yesterday was tank top, shorts, and sandals.

Today is t-shirt, heavy fleece jacket, jeans, and socks with slippers.

I took a video, the rain was so impressive. Only a half hour and the yard is flooding and I needed proof. It turns out, the video plays sideways and I have no idea what I did to cause that. It also turns out I have the shakes worse than I realized. No idea idea about the why for that either. I have not yet started drinking! lol

This isn’t NBC, as one of my favorite podcasters always says, so I will go ahead and post it here anyway.

Well, I guess maybe not. WordPress isn’t recognizing it for a reason I have not yet discovered but must explore.

I’ll share a picture instead. No I won’t, it looks like I figured something out. The video is uploading.

My flooding backyard/hear the rain

Not too bad for a first ever attempt at uploading a video on here.

You can’t tell from this angle but the flowerbed below the railing is flooded. The drainage trough at the back under the trees is flooded too. After an hour or so of pounding rain it has changed to a gentle rain. By the looks of it I won’t be watering the flower beds for a few days.

My lawn is a lovely green even after all the hot weather we’ve had. All because of mulching. This is the first year the summer lawn clippings have not been picked up and it looks better than it ever has in the eight years I’ve been here.

The weather guys promised the threat of a thunder storm for today. If a really good one comes through later today I’ll try another video. After the heavy rain that already passed through, though, I’m not holding my breath for an awesome storm.

Today has been a nothing new-books day so I’m grateful for the wild storm showing up to give me a little post material!

Some of the recently ordered new releases arrived in today’s Kindle mailbox so it’s been a good day afterall.

A good day to you too. I hope you ordered some of those new books.

Happy Reading

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