Bargain books August 18, 2021 Part Two

As promised, there were more interesting stories crossing my path today.

Love at Wild Harbor (Wild Harbor Beach Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

One chocolate shop. Two fixer uppers. Three feisty sisters. One sweet love story to bring it all together.

Lily Woods never expected to start life over again at thirty. But when she opens a chocolate shop and buys a dilapidated beach cottage in Wild Harbor, she’s ready to begin a new chapter, spending her days and nights creating fabulous chocolate treats.

TV star Alex Briggs isn’t about to put his heart on the line. He’s finally landed his dream job as the host of a wildly popular home renovation show. Now he’s returning to Wild Harbor to flip a beach cottage, but he never imagined the project would land him next to the captivating girl who rejected him in high school.

Alex never recovered the piece of his heart he gave to Lily all those years ago. How will he keep his distance now that he can’t escape the girl next door?

Lily’s determined to fix up her beach bungalow on her terms, but Alex isn’t about to let her do it alone. Before Lily can stop him, Alex is on a mission to renovate her home and prove he’s the kind of man she can trust. But secrets from their past threaten to destroy their relationship before it begins.

Can this small town girl and big city star overcome their differences and find love again.


Always By My Side: A Christian Romance (New Hope Falls Book 9)

Amazon quote:

She’s lived her life under the cloud of her sister’s disappearance.

Josie Thompson was ten when her sister went missing and her mother’s battle with mental illness intensified. Though her family is now fractured, Josie has managed to get a degree and a job as a homecare nurse for a wealthy retired businessman. After a year working with the elderly philanthropist, her role has expanded to include caring for his home as well. It is a life that brings her peace and contentment.

After being injured in an attack on his squad while deployed, he’s come back to the one place that he’d always loved.

Kenneth Christian Hawkins III, AKA Hawk, has found himself medically discharged from the military when injuries sustained in an attack leave him unable to continue his job as a sniper with the Army. He heads to his grandfather’s home near New Hope Falls to recover.

Josie finds joy and purpose in caring for others, so she happily takes on the care of her employer’s injured grandson. As she gets to know him, a friendship is forged between them, despite the decade plus difference in their ages. She finds herself falling for him but keeps her feelings close to her heart with no intention of revealing them. Having endured repeated rejection by the one person who should have loved her, Josie trusts only in her father’s unconditional love for her.

Hawk wouldn’t have thought he’d have much in common with a woman so much younger than him, but he finds that he enjoys the time they spend together. Her calm demeanor often soothes his somewhat volatile emotions as he deals with the pain from his injuries.

As he recovers, Hawk realizes he needs to make a decision on whether he wants to return to his past or embrace his future in New Hope Falls, possibly with Josie. But even if he chooses Josie, will she choose him? Will she be willing to trust him when she’s been failed by those who should have loved her?


Rebel Light: Christian historical romance (Coastal Lights Legacy Book 1)

Amazon quote:

She ran away from the war only to find herself in the middle of it. Who will protect her now?

It’s 1861, Florida has seceded from the Union, and residents of Pensacola evacuate inland to escape the impending war. But Kate McFarlane’s impulsive act of rebellion changes her life and that of many others in ways she never expected.

As a result, Kate finds herself with an eccentric aunt in an unfamiliar place. Lieutenant Clay Harris, a handsome Confederate officer, offers a chance for romance, but his actions make Kate question his character. When a hurricane brings an injured shipwrecked sailor from the Union blockade to her aunt’s house, Kate fights attraction to the man while hiding him from Clay. She’s determined to warn her sea captain father about the blockade, but needs someone to help her. Who can she trust – her ally or her enemy?


Redeeming Light (Coastal Lights Legacy Book 3)

Amazon quote:

Cora Miller, a recent widow, moves to St. Augustine in 1875 with her young daughter Emily to start life over as a single mother. She opens a fine millinery shop to court the tastes of the wealthy and become part of the town’s social elite. She succeeds in gaining the hat business of tourists Pamela Worthington and her daughter Judith, as well as, the attention of their family friend, extravagant Sterling Cunningham. But aloof Daniel Worthington, Pamela’s son, is more interested in the Indian captives recently brought to the fort.

Daniel Worthington has escorted his mother and sister to St. Augustine. Their trip has coincided with the arrival of Plains Indians being brought to Fort Marion as prisoners. He is sympathetic to the plight of the Indians and seeks to help them learn to communicate through art. Daniel believes Cora Miller is only concerned with unimportant frivolities, but when he sees her with a benevolence group at the fort, his opinion begins to change.

Just when Cora’s business is picking up, jewelry from her wealthy customers begins to disappear and then mysteriously reappear in Cora’s shop. What will happen to her when she is accused of theft? Will her reputation and future be ruined? Or will someone else step up in her defense?


It has been a very good day for new books!

Happy Reading!

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