A This & That kind of day.

This is going to be a this-and-that kind of day, mainly because I have nothing in mind I feel compelled to talk about. The usual suggestion sources have failed me, probably because it is Easter weekend. Browsing was not lucrative, either.

I could do a book review but the one just finished left me with no enthusiasm for sharing. It was actually more than one book, it was a collection. I think there twelve books spread over 2100 pages or so.

Some of the stories moved along better than others but overall it was a bit of a drag. There were many sections with action and dialogue that left the reader wondering what was the purpose? Sometimes it was overuse of an action or prop resulting in speed bumps on a road that wasn’t meant to have any. Needless to say the hop-skip-and-jump method was used to finish, just so I could say I did.

One the bright side, good reads are more normal that bad reads. Also I keep track to avoid similar situations in the future.

I could start another book except that it’s time to make the requested broccoli salad so it will be ready for tomorrow’s dinner at my daughters. I’m excited, it has been awhile since our last visit and I’m anxious to see them.

I went shopping on Wednesday for the salad ingredients hoping to find what I needed before it was all gone. They were already out of fresh broccoli. There was a big bag of pre-cut hiding in the back of the salad section, it was not my first choice but I took it anyway just in case it was my last chance. Wouldn’t you know, they did have a new supply of the good stuff today.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the big bag I won’t be using for tomorrow’s salad. It won’t look quite like this but you get the general idea.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Tomorrow is story prompt day, no promises but we will see.


Here’s the read I’m checking out as the next book to conquer. I do know I like this author so that is encouraging. A heavy subject might be a little hard to handle today though, but we will see.

Glimmer in the Darkness: Page-turning suspense with a sprinkling of romance (Coventry Saga)

Nothing could get her home…but this.

Cassidy Leblanc worked hard to shake off her tragic childhood. As a foster child with a mother in prison for murder, she was an outcast in her small New Hampshire town until she met James. But she and James’s sister, whom she was babysitting, were kidnapped. She escaped, but Hallie didn’t survive, and everybody assumed Cassidy killed her. Like mother, like daughter, after all. With public opinion and the authorities united against her, young Cassidy fled. Now, a decade later, another little girl has been kidnapped, and Cassidy may be the only person who can find her. 

He doesn’t know who to trust.

James Sullivan never believed that Cassidy killed his sister, no matter what the authorities said. When his best friend’s daughter goes missing a decade after Hallie’s murder, James keeps his opinions on the matter to himself. But when he finds Cassidy sneaking around his property, his thoughts turn dark. If she’s not behind the recent kidnapping, what is she doing back in Coventry? Her answer—that she’s returned to find little Ella, and she needs his help—has him reeling. Can he trust Cassidy, despite what the police tell him? If there’s any chance he can save Ella, he has to try.


Happy Reading folks

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