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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I don’t want to talk about this subject. Considering that thought, I’m a little shocked myself. Since Wednesday, when this topic was announced I’ve been thinking about what I’d say and really, the conversation in my head wasn’t all that emotional. Guess I was wrong about just how hot this hot button issue is for me.

I’m not much of a believer in coincidence. Maybe the truth is, I need to talk about this subject more than I think I do. Blow off a little steam. That would be helpful. I’ve only been upset about this for five years. Tuesday could be the unexpected resolution to a long standing problem. Things would probably go better if I wasn’t an emotional mess about this.

The dispute with the dentist five years ago was over differing opinions on tooth removal. I was told it would be unethical.

I’m a woman, it’s my body. An abortion would not be considered unethical (if I wanted one, which I don’t) so why would having all my teeth pulled be considered unethical? Pulling teeth over taking a life? Makes no sense to me.

Of course I did what I always do when I’m boiling mad. Cried. And that made me even madder. Still does. If I had the ability to stomp my feet, shout, and create a scene, maybe things would have gone my way but I don’t and they didn’t.

They said unethical but I think the term was used as a smoke screen. Pulling my teeth would be like killing the cow. Fiscally, not a good move for them. Well, they may as well have pulled them because I haven’t been back.

In their arrogance they wouldn’t listen to me and figured they knew best. I’ve lived with my teeth for a lot of years and spent untold money, and hours, in the dentist chair. The rate of deterioration had increased dramatically and I could see the writing on the wall. Between money and pain, it was no longer worth it. On top of that, almost half of my teeth were already gone anyway, let’s just do it all and be done.

Since aggression was out, I did the only thing I could do, nothing. I figured if I let things take their natural course without remedy, someone would eventually look in my mouth and agree with my assessment. Mind you, I’m not sure how that would happen since I haven’t looked for a new dentist (what’s the point, they would probably agree with the other guy.) I have to say the damage in the last five years has been significant – cavities, broken teeth, large fillings gone, teeth starting to lean over.

Here’s the reason I think the end for this issue may be near, finally.

I’ve recently been to a doctor (as opposed to the Dr dentist) for the first time in ten years. Doctors taking patients are not easy to find these days and to be honest, I was in no hurry to see one. In the course of the getting-to-know-you section of the visit I showed him my issues with a chronic skin condition. I assumed it was a psoriasis (looked like it to me) which is about impossible to get rid of. It seems now it could be something else. Related to my mouth. They will do a biopsy on Tuesday to make a conclusive diagnosis. If it is connected to my mouth maybe that’s my ticket out of here. (at least, for my teeth, not me)

My only reason for wanting to see a doctor was a routine check up, I had no identifiable health issues, aside from getting old. I’ve been praying and stressing over my teeth for a long time, maybe this unusual route is the answer to all of that. I sure hope so.

I have to say, Tooth was an excellent choice for today’s theme. I feel so much better now, after getting all this off my chest.


It was interesting how this whole doctor thing came about.

I’ve lived here eight years now without one. They have a doctor finder thing you can sign up for, which I did, and every few months they send an email saying they haven’t found anything but they will keep trying. I wanted local and they are scarce in my area.

Anyway, my kids were stressing a little over how long it’s been since I’ve seen anyone and they were worried. They had reason to be, my son-in-law’s father suddenly died recently from an undiagnosed problem with his heart.

I’ve been feeling a little punky for a while now but it’s no big deal, pretty nebulous really. I prayed, Lord, do I need to see a doctor? A few days later I received the regular email telling me the usual, no doctor – we will keep trying, and a day after that the Doctor Finder fellow called me saying there were doctors available in my area. In short order I had an appointment.

With the initial history taking and assessment he was very pleased, figuring my risk factors for major disease were very low. I left there thinking Lord, if I needed to see a doctor, why did nothing show up? I’d had blood work done and everything there looked normal. A week or so later the report came back in regard to the pictures sent to the dermatologist.

If that was the issue needing attention and my dental worries would finally be taken care of, I’d be a happy camper. I’m sure my overall health would improve too if the damaged teeth were out of there. Here’s hoping as we await the biopsy results.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea of losing all my teeth but it won’t be the end of the world. Like a tree that bends in the wind, I will adapt.

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