Free and bargain books March 01, 2021

1531 Entertainment is suggesting a Karen Kingsbury novel

Hannah’s Hope (The Red Gloves Book 4) 

Amazon quote:

Raised in a political family, 15-year-old Hannah Roberts lives a lonely life with her wealthy, unaffectionate grandmother while her parents work abroad.

As Christmas nears, Hannah learns a shocking truth: the man she believed was her father is not her parent after all. In an effort to find answers, she begins a desperate search for her real father, Air Force pilot Mike Conner, who she discovers to be the man of her distant childhood memories.

Local politicians and the city’s newspaper catch wind of her quest, and the entire state joins in Hannah’s hope that she’ll find her father before Christmas.


BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us that looks interesting.

Promise of Hope (Holiday Family Christian Romance Book 2)

Amazon quote:

At her mother’s insistence, Haley keeps her cancer diagnosis a secret from Gavin. For his own protection. Haley must hide the terrible truth from him… that she can never be the wife he deserves–a mother to his children. She disappears with no explanation, leaving both of them heartbroken. 

Now, with her cancer in remission, Haley lands a job with Holiday, Inc., where Gavin works. She still loves him, but he’s moved on. Or at least she thought he had. Turns out he’s still single, and his dad puts Haley on Gavin’s team. She tries to keep her distance, but their Basset Hounds bring them together. She concentrates her efforts on hiding the truth… about her cancer and her feelings.

Can they get past years of hurt and distrust to find forgiveness and love?


Another FREE BookBub suggestion

Hannah’s Holiday Wish: Wyatt Ranch Romance (Serenity Falls Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

When a cowgirl comes home, two unexpected surprises turn her life upside-down. Could an identity switch and an inheritance lead to Hannah’s happily-ever-after?

♥ When Hannah Wyatt returns home to her family’s Colorado ranch for the holidays, she thinks the biggest surprise is a gift that her parents have waiting for her and her four siblings.

Little does she know that her British pen-pal is about to add a twist to the homecoming!

Especially when she realizes that the British friend she thought she knew is ready to unveil a shocking revelation…one that has the ability to throw an additional wrench into Hannah’s new life equation.

When the handsome Rafferty arrives on her doorstep instead of her pen-pal, Rosalind- major questions are in need of answers!

Will Hannah’s unexpected twist turn into her happily-ever-after?


It looks like Hannah is a popular name today and H is popular too. It’s funny how that works sometimes.

Currently… I’m still trying to figure out what to read next. The number of tasted but not pursued is growing. I’ll let you know tomorrow how that’s working out for me.

It’s been a few days since I’ve downloaded any of the new books. Hmmmm, There are probably a dozen fresh choices right there. Tempting thought. I’ll let you in on the decision tomorrow,

Happy Reading y’all

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