Bargain books January 08, 2021

1531 Entertainment has a bargain suggestion for us by one of our favorite authors.

Generous Lies (Nutfield Saga Book 3)

Amazon quote:

He had no idea it was so bad.

Former FBI agent Garrison Kopp suspected his teenage son was in trouble, but a midnight summons to the ER reveals the drug problem is more serious than he thought. Desperate to get his son away from negative influences, he asks a beautiful and kind new friend who owns rental properties for a place to stay. 

She’ll help, as long as she doesn’t have to risk anything.

Vacation homeowner Samantha Messenger is happy to provide Garrison and his son a lake cabin where they can regroup. She helps him search for a good rehab facility and tries not to hope for more than friendship. After what she’s been through, more isn’t an option, no matter what her heart wants.

Big trouble comes in tiny packages. 

Sparks fly between them as Sam and Garrison work together to help the resistant teen. But that becomes the least of their problems when a package planted in Garrison’s car lures enemies to the idyllic cabin on the lake. With their lives—and love—on the line, can they protect all they hold dear?


The first bargain led to this next FREE prequel.

Chasing Amanda: A Finding Amanda Prequel 

Amazon quote:

One followed her, one protected her

When Amanda leaves her waitressing job to return to campus one night, she’s followed by first one man, then another. Behind her, the men get into a scuffle, and she runs, not quite sure what just happened. 

He must make sure she’s safe

Months after 9/11, Mark is about to ship out to Afghanistan. He’s not looking for romance, but the marines have trained him to listen to his gut. And his gut screams that the pretty waitress is in danger. 

The stranger in the shadows

While Amanda and Mark learn to trust one another, a monster stalks his next target. Will Mark be able to save her a second time, or will the love he thought he didn’t want be ripped from his hands by violence? 


1531 Entertainment has another bargain suggestion, if you like epic fantasy. I’ve not read this author but he does look like he could be interesting. Personally, I have a rather narrow view on fantasy likes and this one would be stretching things for me. I prefer a little less violence but I’m thinking not every one feels the way I do. I’ll mention this, anyway, in case it is something you would like it.

A Chance Beginning: Shadow’s Fire Book 1 (Dream Walker Chronicles Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

Erik Eleodum never wanted to be a hero. Fate had a different plan.

Erik is content farming for his family for the rest of his life, while his brother and cousin can’t think of a worse fate. For different reasons, they leave the life they know behind. Soon, their world crashes down around them as they realize it is cruel, brutal, selfish, and violent. Now, they must not only rely on one another, but also on gypsies, thieves, mercenaries, dwarves, and a mage for their survival.

In the end, Erik will face danger, deceit, murder, death, evil, and – most terrifyingly – himself to become the hero he was always meant to be as an ancient evil many thought only a myth resurfaces.


BookRunes has an interesting FREE suggestion from a year and a bit ago. I’ve read it but don’t remember much, I’m bringing it back to my device for a refresher.

The Memory by Barbara Kaylor

Amazon quote:

Seven years ago, Elliot Starling fired Geneva Passion, a young sales rep in his company, accusing her of unethical conduct she vehemently denied. Now, due to a head injury from an auto accident, it is the only memory Elliot has of his life. Determined to find out why, he journeys to Geneva’s small hometown of Holly Park, Florida to confront her.

Shocked by Elliot’s arrival, Geneva is forced to deal with emotions that have troubled her for seven years, including her secret crush on the man who fired her. Stepping out on faith, Geneva agrees to help Elliot regain all his memories, but is that what they really want? Confusion, uncertainty, and hidden desires challenge their efforts to do the right thing as they draw close to each other.


Happy Reading….

… on this grey day, promising the possibility of a little freezing rain. So glad I don’t have to be driving on a day like this.

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