Bargain books for Christmas Day

If we are alone on this covid Christmas a good book is a wonderful friend. BookBub has a couple of awesome bargain suggestions for us.

This first one is from an author frequently on my TBR list. All three books in the collection are new to me.

Kennedy Stern (Christian Suspense 3-Book Box Set 1)

Amazon quote:

Three full-length suspense novels from multi-award winning Christian novelist Alana Terry. A three-in-one bundle of suspense and page-turning excitement as missionary kid Kennedy Stern faces more danger, mystery, and controversy than she knows how to handle.

Confronted with questions of underage abortion, plagued by a stalker and paralyzing PTSD flashbacks, and eventually caught in the center of a police brutality scandal, Kennedy discovers that her first year at Harvard University involves a lot more than passing a few lab classes and fulfilling her premed requirements.

With her parents serving North Korean refugees overseas, Kennedy befriends a loving and highly opinionated pastor, his hospitable and encouraging wife, an eccentric but respectful roommate whose worldview is drastically different from Kennedy’s, and a foreign lab partner who’s harboring a grave secret he’d do just about anything to keep from being exposed.

The Kennedy Stern Christian suspense series tackles controversial issues facing the church today and brings them to light in a way that encourages questions and fosters discussions without ever turning preachy or heavy-handed.

Find out why readers from all faiths and denominations, all walks of life, and all sides of the political spectrum are devouring this thought-provoking series from edgy Christian fiction author Alana Terry, who has won awards from Women of Faith, Grace Awards, The Book Club Network, Readers’ Favorite, and many others.


This next collection is from an author I have read once or twice. I think it is worth a shot, for sure.

Piercehaven Box Set: The Complete Series 

Amazon quote:

Piercehaven (Book 1)

A new teacher. A dark secret. A bunch of kids caught in the middle. 

Emily has just moved to a remote Maine island, but it feels like a different planet. Everything seems to be a mystery. Is her new job really in danger? Is the gorgeous lobsterman really interested in her? Is it possible an entire town is that obsessed with basketball? 

Windmills (Book 2)

Piercehaven Power wants to erect two windmills on Chicken Hill. Some islanders will do anything to stop this from happening. Will the controversy rip this tight-knit community apart? Can Emily’s new softball team put this small Maine island back together again?

Trespass (Book 3)

A young lobsterman is missing. Is it foul play? And why is James acting so weirdly? Emily is trying to plan a wedding, but does she really know the man she’s about to marry? Does she really know anyone on the island?


Currently, I have a number of books on the go but haven’t managed to get caught up in any of them. They are left stranded on the side of the reading-highway.

Instead of giving them second chances at this moment, I’m going to start reading a new collection downloaded back in October. It includes some favorite authors and is still a bargain if you are tempted.

Five Gold Rings (Crossroads Collection) 

Amazon quote:

Christmas Mercy by Jaycee Weaver
As the web of lies that kept Rob away from Vera and their daughter unravels, the months following his return test their capacity for mercy, forgiveness, and a second chance at love.

The Seven Year Glitch by Hallee Bridgeman
Seven years earlier, Timothy left Leanne at the altar stealing years of happiness. Leanne rescues him from a rooftop in a floodplain and it is clear there is much more to the story. Can their love redeem the hurts of the past to rescue their future?

Laughing All the Way by Lesley Ann McDaniel
When Jessica’s friends put her up to “fixing” their commitment phobic co-worker, Conner, she doesn’t take them very seriously. Conner doesn’t know whether to laugh at Jessica or tell her to mind her own business.

Ghosted at the Altar by Chautona Havig
After his fiancée, Brenna, abandons Mitchell on their wedding day, she insists she loves him and still wants to marry him. As truths come to light, her little sister, Lauren, turns sleuth to solve the mystery of why Brenna ghosted Mitchell at the altar.

Five Gold Rings by Amanda Tru
When three relationship-challenged couples wish for Christmas weddings, commitment coach, Oliver, teams up with a wedding planner, TeraLyn, to help make their marriage dreams come true.


As I struggle to keep my eyes open I’m having second thoughts about timing. I definitely need a power nap first.

I have this electronic Christmas Advent Calendar from my daughter-in-law and it includes some addicting games. About midnight last night, a few quick games seemed like a good idea. Too bad I couldn’t resist just one more, I could have been asleep before the winter sun came up on the third shortest day of the year.

It was fun and I’m not driving anywhere, so it’s all good.

I’ll start the new read after a nap.

In the meantime,

Happy Reading y’all

Merry Christmas!

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