Bargain books November 27, 2020

We will start off with my current read and see what else shows up on this slow suggestion day.

This read is one of my favorites. The writing draws the reader into a compelling story. There are six stories in this box set and I’m about finished the third in a row and boredom has yet to set in. This collection is sill a bargain and has more than enough pages to make it attractive to the avid reader. 1,641,… awesome.

Second Chances: Inspirational Box Set 

Amazon qute:

Teresa H. MorganNo Greater Gift— History professor Grace Ryan returns home expecting to turn her Grandmother’s journals and recollections of WWII into memoirs. Hospitalized, Gramma Annie hints at a decades-old crime, whispers the word treason, then slips away forever. Though God’s voice seems silent, He sends someone to stand in the gap for her.

 Erik Petersson, unjustly accused of infidelity, suffered through an unwanted divorce and the loss of his children’s love. A physicist, he helps Grace dig through her late grandfather’s scientific papers. Erik and Grace are catapulted into a quagmire of truth and lies that could tear her family apart.

Miralee Ferrell—The Other Daughter— The girl standing at the door took a deep breath, pulling her suitcase a little closer. “My mama’s dead. He’s my daddy.” Susanne Carson knows she can trust her husband, David—until she discovers an unkempt young girl on their doorstep, claiming to be David’s daughter. Their marriage isn’t perfect—David’s decision to embrace Christianity strained their relationship. Susanne may not agree with his beliefs, but she trusts him. As David confronts his past, Susanne must face her own moment of truth as her marriage is taken to the breaking point and the life of one young girl is left in her hands.

Melanie CampbellOne Woman Falling—*Selah Award Finalist*

After an unexpected police visit, Cassie Peterson realizes her daughter’s survival depends on Cassie’s courage to leave her abusive marriage. What she doesn’t plan on is the vengeful custody fight with her husband, Derrick.

While walking through the treacherous world of divorce, Cassie’s new friend, Missy, encourages her to pursue her love of waterfalls. Meanwhile, Brian, an attorney at the firm where Cassie works, provides unexpected legal help.

As Derrick’s threatening behavior escalates, Cassie questions her choices. Can she keep her daughter safe? Who can she trust? Who will be standing with her when everything comes crashing down?

Miralee Ferrell—Outlaw Angel— Angel Ramirez is on the run from an outlaw disguised as a boy—can she learn to live like a lady?

After taking a job on a Wyoming ranch owned by a bachelor and his widowed sister, Angel reveals her true identity and must fight to prove her worth as a ranch hand while discovering her role as woman.

Hiring a woman doesn’t sit well with Travis Morgan, and the dark-haired beauty is causing a ruckus among his cowboys. When Angel decides she’ll never please her boss, an unexpected surprise arrives from across the ocean. Will Angel leave with the person who’s come so far to claim her?

Janalyn Voigt—Cheyenne Sunrise—Bry Brennan, a young Irish widow, travels West to start a new life. She doesn’t want another husband to break her spirit.

Nick Laramie, the wagon train’s half-Cheyenne trail guide, has no intention of dragging a woman into his troubles. 

The perilous journey throws the two together, leaving Bry no choice but to trust Nick with her life. Can she also trust him with her heart?

Patricia Lee—Love Calls Her Home— Lissa Frye returns home from the Navy eager to start over.But the man she loves, Marine Kurt McKintrick is a broken man, grieving the loss of his best friend to an enemy trap in Afghanistan. Fears of another loss,  Kurt distances himself from Lissa.

Eleven-year-old Jayden Clarke’s life is turned upside down when the rancher he trusts and respects is found dead. As outside authorities, Lissa and Kurt find themselves embroiled in the investigation. Can helping a hurting boy draw them back together?


A Christmas bargain collection

Small-Town Christmas: Sweet, Faith-Filled, Clean Romances

Amazon quote:

Five sweet romances to bring you Small-Town Christmas and warm your heart! For the first time, all romances set in Rios Azules, including a complete series, are published in one large collection.

SEASON OF LOVE. Opposites-attract romance! Feuding co-chefs have to put their differences aside before Christmas to give their siblings a great reception. A ruined wedding and failed business are not on the menu. But romance just might be…
SEASON OF AFFECTION. A woman in jeopardy, bodyguard, and second chance romance! A celebrity in peril and the small-town boy who crushed her heart years ago. Can a Christmas reunion bring them a second chance at love?
SEASON OF MIRACLES. Opposites-attract sports romance! New beginning or new heartbreak? A shy nurse starts over in a small town after breaking up with a demanding celebrity. The last thing she wants is to fall for her patient’s grandson, a pro football player set on reaching sports glory.
SEASON OF JOY. A single dad, second chance romance with a plus-size heroine! A successful travel reporter returns home for the holidays, and
sparks fly between her and her first crush, now a single father. When his youngest son writes a letter to God asking for a Mom for Christmas, she agrees to help him find the right woman. But can this reunion be a second chance for these best friends?
SEASON OF HOPE. Redemption romance! A single mother’s quiet life with her little daughter is disrupted when a notorious former football player moves next door. Angry and lost after forced retirement, he surprises himself by getting involved in a small community and falling for his redhead neighbor. Can they help each other heal, or will their hearts be broken again


Alaskan Refuge Christian Suspense Box Set (Books 1-3)

Amazon quote:

Deep in the heart of Alaska, there’s more to fear than just the cold …

Real faith meets real suspense in these 3 thrilling novels you can’t put down!

Find out why Christian fiction readers are racing headfirst into the depths of rural Alaska, where unforgettable characters face unimaginable dangers. These believers will risk everything to save the ones they love:

A woman hiding from the fatal mistakes of her past. A sister rescuing her autistic little brother from the clutches of danger. A mother confronting the demons in her past to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

If you like determined characters, faith-based suspense, and heart-stopping action, then you’ll love these riveting novels from bestselling Christian novelist Alana Terry.


A dozen books… not a bad day afterall.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our USA friends.

Happy reading!

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