Free and bargain books November 04, 2020

Today is one of those days where I haven’t posted in a while and the well is dry. What to do, what to do.

While I was trying to come up with a little of this and a little of that to talk about I opened Amazon and happened upon a FREE book I’d seen mentioned and then forgotten about a few days ago.

So, I guess we will start with a book. A novel idea hey?

I’ve read other books from this author and this one is not a bad place to start.

Southern Gentleman (Finding Love in the Low Country Book 2)

Amazon quote:

What’s best for the baby? Norah Brown must answer this question when Thornton Winter pushes his way into her life. Baby Camille’s parents, Thornton’s brother and Norah’s sister, were killed in a terrible accident. Now both feel responsible for the baby. But by the time Thornton comes along, Norah has already formed a strong bond with Camille. Will Thornton try to take the baby from her?

To keep her greatest fear from being realized, Norah reluctantly agrees to move with the baby to Thornton’s family home in South Carolina, where she soon finds herself in a battle of wills with his take-charge manner. It certainly doesn’t help that Norah begins to lose her heart to this Southern Gentleman.


I tripped over another FREE book mentioned and forgotten about recently, in the busyness of life. I’ve read this one in the last year or so.

Her Deadly Inheritance (Jill Shepherd Suspense Book 1)

Amazon quote:

First a runaway. Now running for her life.

Won’t Jill’s family be surprised when she returns home to end their scheme to have her declared legally dead?

Clay Merrick may seem to be nothing more than a handy-man restoring homes, but when the former Special Forces operative tracks a brutal killer to Jill’s home town, he has most of the evidence he needs to bring the killer to justice … until Jill gets in the way. And when Jill exposes the mastermind behind her family’s murderous scheme, she ends any chance she has of remaining alive.

When the assassin moves in for the kill, it’s not just Clay’s mission on the line, but his heart.


Book three in a series I’ve been reading has shown up as a bargain. I loved book one, didn’t enjoy book two as much but it was still good. Now I think I’d better give book three a try.

Cape Corral Keeper (Saltwater Cowboys Book 3)

Amazon quote:

They agreed to marry. But they never agreed to fall in love.

When Cape Corral Fire Chief Dillon McGrath saves a woman wearing a wedding dress from drowning, he knows he’ll have a great story to tell the guys at the station later. He never expected to get personally involved in the woman’s plight to stay alive.

Gracie Loveland had no choice but to run only moments before saying “I do” to her manipulative fiancé. Staying would have ultimately meant her death at the hands of the cruel man. Desperation, along with a dormant feistiness, surfaces as she fights to survive.

Only one plan might keep Gracie safe and help Dillon preserve the island’s wild horses. The idea seems crazy, but Dillon and Gracie can think of no other options. However, a foe from Gracie’s past is closing in, determined to get what he wants regardless of whose life he destroys in the process.


Currently I’m reading a WWI historical novel. It’s not really about the war so much as it’s about family left behind to worry and make do as best they can.

Jane: A Fierce Heart (Harvey Girls Book 3)

Jane is determined to make the world a better place even when everything seems so bleak in this clean and wholesome historical western romance story.

Independent, red-haired Jane Harris is twenty years old in 1917 when war breaks out and changes her life. In her hometown of Beaumont, Virginia, she does her best to be a good sister, a good daughter, and to volunteer however she can for the war effort.
But it’s not enough. Her brothers, many of her friends, and the man she loves are gone to France, and Jane needs to do more than knit socks for them. She needs to be busy. She needs to leave home. Luckily, her mother understands, and soon Jane is interviewing to be a Harvey Girl.

The job comes with challenges she has never before experienced. Far away from home, she must stand against her adversaries, and sometimes against her friends. She will have to work hard to achieve things that come easily to those around her, but luckily she will learn that character triumphs over talent, especially when times are hard.

Watching a new world unfold all around her, Jane realizes she is changing too. Will she recognize the difference between childhood devotion and true love? Will she choose the man who can give her the love she deserves? And will he make it home safely?


Well, this whole exercise has turned out to be much more productive than I ever expected which is awesome.

I’m going to poke my nose in this current book for awhile. The end is in sight and I’m ready to be done and start something new.

It has been a good book and I’ve enjoyed it but the downside is it has more detail than I have patience for. It’s time to move on.


I have a short attention span when books are calling my name. Almost forgot to finish this off.

Now, I’m outa here!

Happy Reading everyone.

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