Read and enjoyed – middle of October 2020 edition

It`s time once again to clear out my read & enjoyed folder.

This first one was an excellent read and it is still a bargain, grab it quick before it goes away.

Rescued by the Hero: (Heroes of Freedom Ridge Book 1)

The hardest part about this fake relationship is hiding it from her brother. Especially when it doesn’t feel fake.

Joanna Drake can’t wait to escape to Freedom Ridge for the holidays. She needs to put hundreds of miles between her and her creepy coworker who won’t seem to take no for an answer. When she runs into her brother’s best friend at the ski resort, every relationship gets complicated.

Aiden Clark is shocked to find out that his best friend brought his little sister along on vacation, especially when he finds himself interested in getting to know her. When she asks him to play along as her boyfriend to ward off an unwanted pursuer, he wholeheartedly agrees despite his friend’s warnings to stay away from her.

Another one thoroughly enjoyed.

Blue Columbine: (Grace Revealed Book 1)

Best friends—maybe more—until addiction shatters everything.
Andrew Harris needs a fresh start. His alleged drinking problem cost him his job, sending him back to his childhood home in Colorado. Discovering his childhood sweetheart is still there—and still the girl he’d adored—Andrew gains new confidence that he’ll overcome the failings that had caused his downfall before.

Jamie Carson values her faith above all else. However, the loss of her mother has opened a nagging loneliness. After reuniting with Andrew—a boy she thought she’d once loved—the ache of solitude subsides, though his rejection of the faith she thought they’d shared is troubling.


One more favorite. It is still a bargain too.

Behind the Lies (The Northern Lights Book 2)

With nowhere else to go but a house bequeathed to her from an old friend, Olivia Morgan finds herself back in Oak River. The small town holds memories of abuse, neglect, and sorrow, but also stirs up longings she’d thought were long buried.

She thinks she can live in seclusion, but resisting the kindness of an elderly neighbor, her tenacious younger sister, and the magnetic attraction of the most handsome man she’s ever seen, is undoing the best of intentions.


I have a large handful still needing to be mentioned but for space reasons we need to move right along. I`m really sorry about that. Covers only for these ones.

I really liked the first two, that`s why they are at the top of this section.

(please excuse the apostrophe, it is doing something weird and I do not know how to fix it.)

I enjoyed the rest of them too. Some a little more than others but….

I decided not to mention the few I didn`t like. The rest are all worth mentioning.


I`m currently reading and enjoying a ten book collection and it is still a bargain. Grab it quick. I think you will like it.


Happy Reading everyone.

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