Excellent bargain books October 09, 2020

To start us off, 1531 Entertainment has some bargain suggestions.

One Royal Christmas: A Heartwarming Holiday Romance

Amazon quote:

His Majesty Jonah Harrison Archer Davies VI has just endured the worst year of his life . . . and he’s convinced he’s no longer fit to rule Concordia. Not now . . . but maybe someday. Taking advantage of an obscure law that allows him to temporarily abdicate his throne, he transfers short-term power to his younger brother and retreats to Tinsel, Vermont. Perhaps in this tucked-away town, with its enchanting Christmas decorations and unusual media ban, Jonah will discover the peace and privacy he needs to heal, find his vision for his country . . . and somehow believe himself worthy of the crown.

Eight years ago, Rowan Bell dropped out of college and sacrificed her dream of traveling the world to keep a promise to her dying grandmother–to care for Tinsel’s charming library. But the antiquated Cape Cod cottage that has housed the library for decades is falling apart around her, and Tinsel’s city leaders have arranged to relocate the library. Desperate to keep her grandmother’s legacy alive–and hopefully hush the longings of her restless heart in the process–Rowan hatches a plan to preserve the historic house. Help comes in the most unexpected form when a handsome bookworm–a king!–appears in Rowan’s life.

Drawn together under Tinsel’s Christmastime spell, Rowan and Jonah work to secure the library’s future, even as they grapple with all the uncertainty in their own futures. But when a national crisis calls Jonah home, it’s not only his claim to the throne that’s in danger, but their two hearts which had only begun to hope again.


Behind the Lies (The Northern Lights Book 2)

Amazon quote:

With nowhere else to go but a house bequeathed to her from an old friend, Olivia Morgan finds herself back in Oak River. The small town holds memories of abuse, neglect, and sorrow, but also stirs up longings she’d thought were long buried.

She thinks she can live in seclusion, but resisting the kindness of an elderly neighbor, her tenacious younger sister, and the magnetic attraction of the most handsome man she’s ever seen, is undoing the best of intentions.

Pulled into using her artistic talents to help the police in the disappearance of a young violin player, Olivia finds that reconnecting with the canvas and her camera might just be the lifeline she needs to survive coming home.

Will old enemies and new ones drive her over the edge, or can she finally make peace with the past and see beauty spring up from the ashes?


Following the suggestion string on Amazon, a few more excellent bargain choices popped up. I don’t think they will last long so jump quickly before the good prices disappear.

Not Until Someday: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs Book 7)

Amazon quote:

She’s waiting for her someday. He thinks his has already come and gone.

After spending the past five years caring for her ill grandfather, Grace Calvano is eager to honor his memory by turning his stately old house in Hope Springs into a bed-and-breakfast. All she has to do is fend off her mama, who keeps pressuring her to come home to Tennessee, marry the new youth pastor, and start raising a passel of children. Sure, Grace wants to settle down and marry someday. But only when God sees fit to send Mr. Right her way. Until then, she’s content to wait.

After a career- and relationship-ending injury, former NFL quarterback Levi Donovan is sure his someday has already come and gone. Returning to Hope Springs for the summer to help out at his dad’s construction company is not his idea of a bright future. But maybe it will be a chance to make up for lost time with his brother—and to make his dad proud at last.

The day Levi shows up to help renovate her bed-and-breakfast, Grace is sure of one thing—she and God must have gotten their wires crossed when she asked him to send Mr. Right to her doorstep. Because the motorcycle-riding, football-playing bad boy is the very definition of Mr. Wrong.


Once a Thief: An International Christian Romantic Suspense (Protector Sweethearts Book 1)

Amazon quote:

She sets a thief to catch a thief. Will he also steal her heart?
Private investigator Helen Hu must team up with reformed art thief Reuben Costa to rescue her mother, who has vanished while trying to make amends for stealing some bejeweled eggs connected to the Amber Room.

Set in Greece and Italy, Once a Thief is Book 1 in USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson’s Protector Sweethearts Christian romantic suspense series of books that showcase Private Investigator Helen Hu, her associates, and friends. This collection is a spinoff of Jan’s Savannah Sweethearts beach romance and Vacation Sweethearts travel romance collections.


I’m so excited. Every book is new to me this time. I’ve not seen or read any of them before and I can hardly wait.

I’m hoping you will find some great choices here too.

It’s Friday….

Happy Reading

…for the weekend… and everyday, really.

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