Free book August 16, 2020

BookRunes has an interesting FREE suggestion for us. I’ve not read this author or any book that sounds like her story so I’m excited to try it out.

Cross My Heart (Widows of Wellness Creek Book 5) 

Cross my heart

Amazon quote:

Everyone deserves a second chance in life and love, and for Sandra Gillen, mother of a twelve-year-old girl, this comes in the form of a journey taken from England, all the way to Wellness Creek. All of Sandra’s hopes for herself, and especially for her little girl, are wrapped up in this uncertain and dangerous trip. The greatest journey she will need to take, however, is a journey of the heart.

For Jason Kincaid, coming to Wellness Creek is a way of fulfilling a dream he’s had all his life and also as a way of honoring the beloved grandfather who brought him up. When he meets Little Ruby and then Sandra her mother, his heart is stolen away. The challenge remains in convincing Sandy that he can be the one to wipe her tears away and bring her joy once again.

His dream is to finally win over the single mother and make them into a happy little family.

Can he trust in love to prevail on his behalf? Can a story so steeped in sorrow find a happy ending?


I’m currently reading a Lisa Phillips book that is still a bargain price. I haven’t gone very far yet but so far so good.

Desolation Point 

Desolation Point

Buried secrets.

A town under siege.

Someone has Malvern County in a choke hold. Sheriff’s Deputy Ellie Maxwell knows something is wrong in her town. When her boss tells her to drop the case, she reaches out to the only resident who can help her.

Drew Turner is a private investigator with more secrets than the town. But he’s the only one Ellie can trust. The only one who can find out the truth.

Ellie and Drew have to figure out what’s going on before the fallout destroys an entire town, and loneliness ends both of them.


Happy Reading!!

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