Story Prompt – Wonder

Sunday Scribblings  is hosted by Peckapalooza: The Confusing Middle.  This weeks prompt is … Wonder. You are invited to join in.


Bella’s eyes popped open and she was instantly awake. Rolling over to check the clock, she found there was still a half hour before her alarm would ring. It must be anticipation excitement. This was officially the first day of her new life as a small business owner in a new town, full of people she didn’t know. So many new firsts.

There was no sense trying to go back to sleep. Her body was literally humming with excitement. May as well get up and get going. She could probably use the extra time anyway. With so much on her mind it would be easy to forget she was supposed to be getting ready for the day.

Her first and only scheduled meeting was with the Chamber of Commerce President. Bella noticed Alma was bubbling over with good ideas on how Bella could get started. Their ten o’clock meeting should be interesting. The plan was to spend the morning discussing ideas and then meet for lunch with a few chamber members. The others were looking forward to meeting the new lady in town.

Bella wasn’t sure what to make of all this enthusiasm. In all of the many places she’d lived she’d never encountered anyone quite like the women she was about to meet. Their high level of creative energy must be what made this town so vibrant and appealing. She had a feeling life for her would be good and she was going to love it here.

Bella decided Alma could do a roaring business if she were to operate a dating site. In matchmaker mode this morning she had Bella lined up with her first date, er, client.

Robert’s small wood working shop was successful by all accounts. He was a finish carpenter specializing in furniture and cabinetry, although he would do house repairs and window installations as a sideline. His bookkeeping and filing system, however, was another matter. He needed someone to step in and create order out of the chaos, if Alma were to be believed.

Bella figured there’s no time like the present and arranged an appointment to meet with Robert in the morning. They could assess his needs, her abilities, and see if working together would be a good fit for both of them.

The revolving door in the Chamber office was amazing to Bella. There had been a steady stream of business owners all morning. Obviously, the town grapevine was alive and well. Word had spread far and wide and everyone out and about, business owner or not, had stopped by to meet the lady new in town.

“Ready for Lunch?” Alma wanted to know. “If you are, we have set up an informal gathering in one of the restaurant meeting rooms. No pressure, just a relaxed welcome to town to make it official. Do you have any burning questions arising out of the morning’s meet and greet?”

Bella was sure she had questions but … “I think I need to sort through some of the information swirling through my mind and get back to you. For sure, there will be questions.

I have to tell you, this morning surpassed any expectations I had going in. Thank you so much for this, Alma.  I can’t believe I have a possible client already. You are amazing. No wonder the economic climate of this town is so healthy. You and the other Chamber members are a force to be reckoned with”

With her feet up, relaxed on a comfy chair after all the busyness, Bella relived the days stream of events and marveled at her good fortune in choosing this town for her new life. Her heart was filled with wonder at the warm reception her new friends had so freely given her.

New friends and a possible client, all in one morning. What could be better than that?

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