Free and bargain books July 11, 2020

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us this morning. $0.99 This is not an author I’ve read before so don’t know what to expect. I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to books, always hoping for the best.

Sandover Beach Week (Sandover Island Sweet Romance Book 2)

Sandover Beach Week

Amazon quote:

Emily is still reeling from her failed modeling career and her wealthy parents’ disappointment in her life choices. A girls’ trip to the beach seems like the perfect escape to reflect on her past and plan her next steps. But her biggest regret just so happens to live on Sandover Island–Jimmy, an old friend whose heart she broke years before.

What he never knew is that saying goodbye to him shattered her heart as well.

When Jimmy’s fire station gets a call for an emergency rescue, the last person he expects to find in danger is his childhood crush, Emily. Seeing her again forces him to confront old wounds even as fresh new feelings begin to bloom. She destroyed his heart once. Can he possibly trust her with it again?


BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us this morning. Another new-to-me author and I have no idea what to expect this time either. I’m hoping it’s good.

The Reckless Doctor’s Bride: Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance (Montana Westward Brides Book 1)

The Reckless Doctor's Bride

Amazon quote:

She knew the West was wild. But this bride-to-be didn’t expect her fate to include murder…

Irish beauty Lucy Magee fears she’ll never shake her bad luck. As though to prove her right, a trip to Montana to meet a dashing doctor results in the accidental death of her coach driver. But when the mail-order bride finally sets sight on her potential husband’s kind face, she’s sure her fortunes have turned.

Dr. Sam Slater wants to become a good provider. And when his heart races upon meeting Lucy, he knows she’s absolutely the one for him. But their first courting picnic ends in tragedy when they discover his ranch shepherd’s dead body.

When Lucy begins receiving anonymous threats, she’s petrified her persistent misfortune followed her to the rugged country. And despite cooperating with the sheriff, Dr. Sam comes no closer to understanding who is forcing them off the land.


Nothing else interesting is popping out at me so I’m off to the garden and the pile of work I have plans for accomplishing on this beautiful sunny day.

My current read is dragging. I want to see how it ends but it is a little painful getting there.

Lost Down Deep

I think next I’ll try a book that seems a little weird with my first taste of it. I’ll give it a try and send it packing if it doesn’t work out for me. The collection of books barely started and not pursued is growing and needs weeding out again. I do hope this one turns into a good read though. I’ll let you know what happens.


Happy Reading on a beautiful Saturday.

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