Free/bargain books recently read… December 16, 2019

There are no new free books so far today but… there are some old free books.

The one I just started reading is still FREE.  Whisper- the Pete Zendel Suspense Series. I’m liking it.

The first two chapters are pretty intense with burning buildings, armed and dangerous intruders, vehicles forced off the road. Accidentally witnessed drug deals in ancient ruins, resulting in crooks shooting and blowing up buildings to eliminate the threat to their freedom. Fortunately, the drug dealers and their thugs missed.

I’m thinking the two situations are probably linked. Check it out.



There would have been a better search for Free books if I had been home today. I needed/wanted to attend a funeral for a dear extended family member. It was in the city, an hour from me, and I had a couple of hours waiting time in the middle of everything. Perfect for some reading time.

I finished the book started yesterday. Longing for the Tormented Sheriff, Cassidy Hanton. Still a bargain at $1.31.

It was an okay story. Unique and well enough written. It moved too slowly for me – with a great number of books still waiting to be read. I admit to skipping ahead to the last three chapters, I wanted to see how it all turned, I did like the ending.

Looking for the cover to share here – it appears this download has not been mention in a post yet. I remember now, being uncertain about it and wanting to wait a bit. It turned out better than expected so that’s a plus.

longing for the tormented Sherriff


Waiting time wasn’t over for me yet this afternoon so I started (and then finished at supper)  Bespoke: a Tiny Christmas Tale. It is a Victorian story with a bit of a fantasy twist to it. It was different but definitely a good read. It’s still FREE

Bespoke is a British word I wouldn’t have known except that it turned up in another book I read recently. I had to look it up to figure it out. My head still can’t make the connection between the meaning and the word but we’ll go with it. It is a term used for something ordered that is specific to you, such as business cards with your logo, or even a commissioned suit of clothes. In this case it was something forged in a unique, and unheard of, shape.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, maybe it will have something new for us.

Happy Reading.


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