Free books December 14, 2019

BookRunes has one FREE book for us today. Courage Dares Sisters of Spirit book 4

I’ve read the first three chapters and I’m hooked. It is definitely gripping suspense.

Here is Amazon’s comment.

A tragic past; a dangerous present.
A cliffhanger on real cliffs.
The fighter pilot and the peace-loving mapmaker.

Courage Dares


I haven’t read this author – I’m hoping the story don’t disappoint but turns out to be as good as I think it is.


I’m currently reading, and loving, Peg Leg’s Princess. It’s still FREE if you need it.

There is more to this book than the cover suggests. A feisty little woman running from a mean step-father. A wounded soldier who thinks no woman would ever want him. She’s loved him since he saved her life ten years ago and she has no intention of letting him hold onto his misguided ideas. She has time. There is a guest ranch to keep them busy while he figures it out.

Peg Leg's Princess

Happy Reading on this chilly weekend.

I heard a comment on the radio the other day. Talking about some people surviving winter better than others. The opinion was that some don’t do winter better, they just dress warmer. That’s me today. It’s currently -24c outside, feels like -31c with the wind chill. I’m feeling the cool more than usual in the house today for some reason. Four warm layers plus a heavy fleece winter bath robe. Toasty.

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