Free books December 11, 2019

LPC books has some free books for us this week after all. It looks like they changed they minds and we aren’t complaining one bit.

Focus on Love (The Wardrobe series book 2) is a FREE book  (Tip: This has to have the complete name used for it to come up in an Amazon search. At least that’s how it behaved for me.) This was part of a box set earlier in 2019 and it was good. It’s about two photographers who start out as friends before they realize they are in competition with one another. What a way to discourage a budding romance.

Focus on Love

The Yuletide Angel has come up again as FREE. I think it’s only a few days since it was mentioned in my read & enjoyed post.

We picture angels as dressing in white but this angel dresses in black. She wants to blend in with the night so she can leave hampers on front porches without being seen. She’s become a legend, everyone knows about her gifts but no one has guessed her identity. Until, someone does notice. He sees a figure lurking about late one night, and investigates. Once he realizes who she is and what she’s doing he becomes concerned for her safety. He decides to follow her. Now they are both nervous.  She hears a few quiet steps but can’t tell who it is that’s following her.

The Yuletide angel

Whiter Than Snow is FREE.  I’ve read this a while back as part of a boxed set.

Jennifer has a broken arm and cracked ribs and she’s stuck home alone in the blizzard of the century.  Both the phone and the power have gone out and she needs to prepare to survive in the cold.

Rick, a volunteer fireman, is checking residences on the side of the mountain for anyone left stranded. He’s about to move her to a shelter in town when a tree comes crashing down. It’s huge and the gale force winds have toppled it onto his truck. Now they’re both stranded.

Whiter Than Snow

Enjoy the surprise of a few more free books.

Happy Reading


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