Free book December 12, 2019

BookRunes has a FREE book for us today. Peg Leg’s Princess. I don’t really know this author – Cyndi Raye – but it looks interesting, from the little bit I read of it.

Peg Leg's Princess

Amazon says it well:

A man struggling with his past – A woman determined to help him overcome his pain – Outside forces that may destroy everything. Can they overcome these obstacles for love?

Josephine Johnson is determined to get away from her gambling step-father who lost her family home – the Union Station Inn. When she sees an advertisement for a cook in Montana Territory, she recognizes the name Zebediah Harris, a wounded civil war veteran who never came back to their small town. When she decides to leave to take the job as cook, she brings something with her that may very well land her in jail.

Zebediah Harris, or, Peg Leg, as everyone calls him, doesn’t believe he is good enough for anyone. He claims there isn’t a woman within ten miles who would want a one-legged man. When the cook they hire for the Pistol Springs Resort shows up, it turns out Joe was actually Jo, or Josephine, a woman he had saved from drowning years ago.

That’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Happy Reading!

I’m still reading a Tuscan Legacy and liking it a lot. I’m on book 5, almost half way through. This collection is still a bargain today at $1.33

A Tuscan Legacy

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