Bargain book December 2, 2019

A Facebook post by Gospel eBooks, for their Daily E-Books Deals, gives us a bargain book  ($1.32CDN) today. Beautiful Storm, book four in the Unfailing Love series. I’ve not read  Mandi Blake before so can’t say whether this will be good or not, but as usual I hope it will be.

Beautiful Storm

Below is part of the Amazon synopsis. It sounds like it could be interesting.

Tori’s life was perfect—a successful job, a doctor for a husband, and a pristine loft in Chicago—until her husband left her for someone else. With her divorce comes a surprise cabin in the Deep South, and she wants nothing more than to get rid of it so she can get her life back in order.

Marcus is the self-appointed guardian of his sister and three brothers, while their mother lives a toxic lifestyle, but one call to his auto repair shop from an entitled city girl turns his world upside down. He’s a master of reading people, but the feisty newcomer poses an interesting challenge.

As a change of pace: A Cozy Mystery mentioned a number of weeks back is a fun read. Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery. It’s FREE.

Amazon describes this book as reminiscent of the Legally Blond movies.  She is well-intentioned, beautiful, slightly clueless, and really, really good at what she does – which is selling homes in Portland, Oregon.

This book showed up for me 6 years ago. I’m tempted to read it again.


Currently, I’m reading Forget Me Now an Alana Terry thriller. It’s frustrating me. The timeline keeps moving back and forth, but the confusing action (or maybe it’s the description of the action) is causing the most frustration. I’m just not getting it. I’m going to move on, maybe try again later on just to make sure it really doesn’t work for me.

Forget me now

I think Sand Creek Serenade will be next up. Unfortunately it has gone back to full price, although, it is free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. I’ve read the first chapter and so far I’m hooked.

Sand Creek Serenade

A female doctor in a male dominated, old time, Army Fort has to be strong. Sadie Hoppner can definitely hold her own with the soldiers, if given half a chance. She’s a good doctor and appreciates the chance to work alongside her brother.

She’s also curious, wanting to meet the women living and working in the recently appearing nomadic camp. Before an opportunity can present itself a dog steals her shoe and runs with it. Headed back to their camp to tease his owner. He plays keep-away with the shoe enticing Five Kills to follow him back to the fort where he will drop the shoe beside Sadie. The dog seems to be a bit of a match maker.

We’re off to a good start.

Happy Reading



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