Bargain books December 4, 2019

Many of these free and bargain books we talk about are available on other platforms, like Kobo and others. I am so immersed in Amazon and Kindle that I forget to mention it, until I’m reminded of my friends using Kobo. Check it out, if you use another platform and haven’t already gone there.

A bargain ($1.32 CDN) book from BookBub this morning The Heart Hopes Lyn Cote, the Opposites Attract Series.

Here is a small quote from Amazon

What could unite a disgruntled DA and the pretty teacher, responsible for his hung jury? Perhaps a little boy in need of love…

The Heart Hopes

So, as I was browsing to see what else was lurking out there I found some other interesting treasures.

Wreck The Halls: a Worst Detective Ever Christmas novella by Christy Barritt ($1.32 CDN)

a snippet from Amazon – Deck the halls with boughs of . . . danger.

Joey Darling and her friend Starla McKnight are all set to host a new TV Christmas light special. But, before filming even begins, things go awry. Legs—with a human body attached—are sticking out of the family’s chimney, wrecking the feel-good holiday show.


Wreck the Halls

Christy Barritt also has a good selection of other bargain books right now as well. Too many to mention this morning but check it out if you are one of her fans. There are some good deals to be had.

Here are a couple of them

While You Were Sweeping

Brink of Danger

Joke and Dagger

Happy Reading



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