Fall Flip, and other great books recently read. Mostly Romance.

All of these books have depth to them, even if they do fall under the Romance banner.

House Without Lies is probably my favorite.  Lily has a heart for abused girls in desperate straits. From a little girl she dreamed of a big house with many children. It’s coming true. Every holiday another girl, or two, is added to her household (her very small college student household.) Not only are they hiding from abusers – they are hiding from nosy neighbors, landlords, authorities who could make the girls go back home to more danger and, her rich parents who disapprove of her life choices.

Pavel works in a small grocery store where he decides; rather than throw out-of-date food in the garbage, he will save it for his friend Lily. He also decides; she needs to meet his cousin Mario who happens to work alongside Children Services, in an private teen rescue facility.

Not only is Mario distractingly handsome, he has connections, and a determination to help Lily and her girls – like it or not. The girls love him and they gladly accept whatever  he is offering, like time and food, especially food. His resources are going to be severely stretched, attempting to legally protect the teens from discovery by their abusers.

But, there is hope. Always hope.


the heart hearsHarvey House book 1


The MemoryHouse Without LiesSecondhand secrets

The NovelistRefuge at Pine LakeAt Your Request

Practically MarriedA Bridge UnbrokenWarrior

Fall FlipNo Way UpDiscovering Hope

I have to say, all of these books added value to my days.

I’m hoping you are feeling inspired…. just a little.

Happy Reading!


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