Return to Paradise

There are no free books to share with you today. The regular daily emails arrived this morning but nothing they offered really appealed to me.

There are still some pending posts hanging around, started before the advent of Free Books Posts, maybe I’ll share one of them instead.

In case you are scratching your head in confusion – the original routine was to read books and then share the ones I liked, hoping to inspire readers. The posts were also designed to provide a place to keep a list, so I could remember what I’ve read.

The new routine is to share books at the time of download to make sure the books are still free for readers. I haven’t worked things through with the new changes, to figure out how to keep the read list updated. I’m not sure it makes sense to share the same books twice, unread and then read. Sounds like a lot of pressure – time wise. I’ll figure something out, given a little time.

So, without a free-books post today, why not use this list of books, read and liked. It would be a shame to waste something already written and nearly ready to go.

I loved all of these books

Return to Paradise Return to Paradise – Tim Speer

David has big plans. He needs a break from his stressful investment banking life. There is  a reunion and a wedding to attend. It’s all happening close to his parents and it makes sense to plan a few days with them before he heads back to work. A visit now will go a long way toward easing his conscience. He doesn’t get there nearly often enough to see them and now he’s desperate to make it happen.

He’s making good time and is on target for his planned arrival until an accident caused detour has him leaving the interstate highway, travelling back country roads. A cow standing in the middle of the narrow road slows him down but still, it should be okay. Well, it would have been, if his swerving lightweight sports car could hold the road. He won’t be going anywhere  anytime soon, not with four blown tires.

A kind and helpful passing farmer arranges a tow, but the news is not good. He’s told it will take days for replacement tires to be shipped in.  Car rentals and flights are not an option this far away from the city.  Money isn’t even enough to get him back on the road. It’s beyond frustrating, to be helpless and stuck.

With nowhere else to be, he hangs out at the local restaurant as long as they will let him. It’s impossible to spend this much time and not pick up on the tension and discouragement  most of the regulars are feeling.  His ears perk up at the sound of a few familiar  words and he decides he should pay closer attention. It appears most of the  area farmers are experiencing sudden unexpected foreclosures on their mortgages. They are  all scheduled to go up for auction next week which is highly unusual. He is convinced something illegal is happening in this town and the local banker appears to be involved.

At first he is desperate to leave but his conscience is starting to kick in. These are good people, they are in trouble and he can see the problem. He has connections. He thinks he can put together a plan to stop the sale of their farms. If he can arrange it in time. Of course, it helps there is the extra incentive of personal interest. One of the local girls has caught his eye and he wants to make sure her family property is safe from crooked developers.

The plan is daring, with a few pitfalls. Can he make it work in time to save them?

An engrossing story with tense moments. A great read.


A Rifle by the Door  A Rifle by the Door – Dan L Fuller… many tense moments but it is a great story of cheering on the underdog. Who says the little guy always has to lose?


The Spindle Chair  The Spindle Chair – Shellie Arnold.  The haunting story of one couple’s struggle to have a child.


Summer's End Northern Intrigue –  Summer’s End book 3 – Lyn Cote… This small town spent six years paying medical school expenses, expecting to receive six years of doctoring in return. Now the big city recipient wants out of the contract, for family reasons. They can’t afford to have her to walk away from her promise, their need is too desperate.


Yesterday's MailYesterday’s Mail – a box set with various authors –  Alana Terry, Cynthia Hickey, Hallee Bridgemann, Chautona Havig, Amanda Tru. All of them excellent authors, I loved every one of these books.

Happy Reading!



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