Thriller and Historical Mystery

Two books that I enjoyed enough to read all the way through, a number of weeks ago.

Enjoyed is probably not the right word for a thriller dealing with destructive behavior but I think you know what I mean.

I managed to write a synopsis of the first one but not the second, in spite of time spent planning it out. It was planned enough that I feel like I did write it. It was a big surprise (and disappointment) to find I hadn’t. Oh well.

I want to add these books, and others, to my lists of books read but I am seriously so far behind that I have to find a simpler way to move on. The other choice is to stop keeping track altogether and I don’t want to do that.

I am already culling the list I keep, by raising the bar on what will be included. This means leaving off some of the books I’ve read and are worthwhile.

Maybe I will add some straight to the list without adding them to a post first. There is some merit in that thought. Sometimes I need a way to remember what I’ve read, even if it was less than 4 star. Straight to the list would be good.

So there you have it, I’ll add books to the posts with less fanfare for a while, at least until I can get caught up.

Or, like a book so well that I just have to talk about it. There have been some of those alright.

Whatever happens will be a surprise, by the looks of it.

Blow out the Candles   Blow Out the Candles and Say Goodbye – Linda S Glaz ..

A thriller….   little girls, kidnapped and sold into overseas slavery, or given new identities and adopted out to the highest bidder.

A couple, posing as upstanding citizens move into an unsuspecting community. They gain everyone’s trust and then hold an amazing birthday party ending in a sleepover.   Arriving the next morning to retrieve their five year old daughters, the parents meet with shock and horror.  Everyone in the house has vanished, including all evidence anyone has ever lived there.

Brandy’s little sister, Tory, vanished after just such a party and life has been forever changed for their family. Brandy and her father Joe both suffer the anguish of misplaced guilt, believing they are responsible somehow. Brandy’s mother suffered two years of unbearable pain over the loss of her baby and ended it by taking her own life.

Crooked cops, unscrupulous lawyers, blackmailed judges, and award winning actors posing as upstanding citizens, have all worked together to make this lucrative enterprise a success.

Until now.

Things are beginning to slowly unravel.

a dangerous road   A Smokey Dalton Novel – A Dangerous Road – Kris Nelscott (pen name of Kristine Kathryn Rusch)  ….

A Dangerous Road happens in Memphis near the end of Martin Luther King Jr’s life

I enjoyed this book.

The mystery is figuring out who responsible for a large donation to his checking account. The next thing to find out is why. A decade later and another infusion of cash ramps up the concern and the need to know where and why.

A beautiful rich woman, looking for a particular detective, seems to be connected to his mystery. Could their mysteries be related?

I hope you are finding as many books as I seem to be finding these days.

Be sure to check out my Romance and Mystery Pages if you could use some reading suggestions.

Happy reading!



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