Rhapsody in Red

Discovering a new source of reading material has been exciting. The rut I was in has been abandoned with the infusion of new material and authors. Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas is responsible for this. I’d come across some of their books at some point in time and enjoyed  what I’d read so it was an easy decision to sign up for their weekly  free books email. I’ve been downloading five or six a week, gobbling them up, then  watching for a new email with more.

So far I’ve loved most of them with just a few I had trouble relating to. That’s pretty normal wit any list of books.

There are seven here today, many of them are books read and loved in the last week.

LPC Free Books is actively recruiting new readers with an offer of free downloads so check them out. Each book has a link for their emails so they are very easy to find.


Rhapsody in Red  A Preston Barclay Mystery – Rhapsody in Red book 1 – Donn Taylor …..  Preston Barclay has returned to half days as Professor of History, just to have a little contact with others.  A solitary existence as a sheep farmer since the death of his beloved wife has been his choice and while he needs to get out more he’s not prepared to give it up entirely.

He is attracted to Mara Thorn, the new headstrong instructor, but resists and limits his interaction with her. The feelings are mutual. Attraction and resistance.

Wrong place at the wrong time has them as prime suspects in the murder of a colleague. It appears they were the only ones in the building when she was murdered. And, the discovery of the body when they went to her office looking for her has only served to compound the case against them.

Administrations inept attitude toward discovering the real murderer is not helping.  Preston and Mara need to lay aside their prickly attitudes and find a way to work together to clear their names and keep their jobs.


at first glance  At First Glance – Susan L. Tuttle …..  Penny Thornton is a popular, successful, and insecure, estate planner. Her insecurity is tied to her controlling, dysfunctional family.  She’s beautiful but feels she can never measure up to her sister Belle, especially when it comes to attracting men.

Jonah is related to Belle’s fiancé and is interested in Penny but she rebuffs his advances, thinking her family is matching making, again.  Easton, handsome and flirty personal trainer, makes Penny feel special when she enlists his help. She has agreed to lose enough weight to suit her sister’s demands.

Her insecurities blind her to the truth about motives. Things are not always what she thinks they are, Making choices to prove something to her family, hoping for their approval and acceptance, is leading her to more heartache.

She’s the only one who can’t see the truth of this.

Jonah decides to fight to have her in his life, hoping she will discover the truth about motives before it’s too late.


the Children of Main Street  The Children of Main Street – Merilyn Howton Marriot … Katie Collier didn’t expect things to go this way when she opened her mental health clinic. She was prepared for adults – not the overwhelming number of broken children seeking her out.

The inability to have children of their own has broken her heart. She feels compelled to take on an unhealthy workload trying to make a difference and dull the pain – to the detriment of her marriage.

She is unable to say no to one special little girl and, without consulting her husband, has agreed to take her home for a time.

Her husband has been loving and supportive in so many ways but…. this is too much.

She’s caught, faced with a choice between two loves. Either way her heart will break, again.


Summer of Deception  Summer of Deception – Elva Cobb Martin ….  Rachel York is wanting to get away from difficult circumstances at home and can’t rest not knowing what happened to her Drug Enforcement brother. They’ve been told he went down in a plane crash near Charleston but details are sketchy.

Her university advisor, and friend, has introduced her to an elderly gentleman looking for a summer nanny for a small girl. She agrees to the position because the plantation is also near Charleston. It will give her a chance to learn more about her brother before she starts her new teaching position in the fall.

Luke Barrett is a wounded and retired special forces marine. He’s also recently widowed, with a small daughter and a plantation to run. When an unexpected young lady arrives at the door, he is full of distrust and is unwilling to believe her story. It seems his uncle has engaged a nanny for the summer but died of a stroke before letting the rest of the family know about his arrangements.

Luke is trying to find out why she is really here, he suspects there is more to the story than she’s letting on. Rachel can’t be honest about why she’s taken this job. She’s promised her brother she wouldn’t compromise his DEA contacts by sharing what she knows. Luke can tell she is hiding something but then so is he. DEA suspects a major drug ring is operating somewhere near his plantation and they have identified him as a trusted source of information.

Rachel hears small planes in the night and wonders. A face reflected in the store window is unsettling, it looks like her brother but when she turns he’s gone. She’s determined to figure out what’s going on.

Stumbling across a packet of drugs in an old trunk in the attic is devastating. Could Luke be involved too? Who can she trust in all of this?


A Season to Dance  A Season to Dance – Patricia Beal …..  This is a book of second chances.  Ana Brassfield has a passion for dance but it seems she can never achieve the high level of her dreams. Relationships go wrong for reasons she doesn’t understand. Amazing opportunities present themselves and yet there are setbacks and betrayal.

She needs to hold on long enough, to see bad experiences turn into something good.


Sing a new song  The Wardrobe Series – Sing a New Song  book 2 – Candee Fick ….  Pampered Diva Gloria Houghton has her successful dinner theater career  cut short with a knee injury. She can still sing but dancing is out of the question.

Heading to Branson Missouri for a summer singing gig; she intends to make a good first impression and secure her place as star of the show. A bucket filled with dirty water and a wet floor soon brings an end to that plan. Her bad first impression is compounded when her bedraggled reaction to the janitor exposes her as a snob.

Over the next few days she realizes she has competition in the diva department. It’s a wake up call. She’s getting a taste of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of bad behavior and doesn’t like it very much. She’s seeing her own actions in a new light and is ashamed when she realises what she’s done to make cast mates dislike her so much.

Life has taken a downturn in her personal life as well. With the new experience of a money shortage she finds herself working for the lowly janitor just to put a roof over her head and pay the bills.

She’s discovering that things, and people, are not always what they seem and what looks like bad can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


A Perfect Weakness  A Perfect Weakness – Jenifer A Davids … Dr. John Turner is leaving medicine. The experience of civil war in America plus the loss of a patient close to him has left him with a huge burden of guilt. He thinks the world will be a better place if he finds another occupation.

Penelope Howard has her own heartache. The responsibility of seeing to the needs of the villagers belonging to the Hall helps her to get through the days and weeks. Now her uncle has died and her  future is uncertain. His will names John Turner as heir in place of the son he never had. If Dr. Turner arrives from America with a wife, the responsibility for the villagers would pass to her and Penelope will have to find another way to survive.

Everyone is excited about the new doctor coming to help carry the load. It’s a shock to meet him and find he refuses to take on that role.

Penelope is relieved to find he doesn’t have a wife. She will be needed to continue on with her visits and nursing duties. This means regular contact with the Lord of the Manor and it leaves her  hoping there will be a chance of convincing him to change his mind. Hopefully it will be soon. They need him.

Instead of getting better, the situation is getting worse. Not everyone has taken his refusal gracefully and he thinks that his leaving will make things better for everyone.

It takes an epidemic rushing through the village to wake him up and change everything.

Happy searching… and happy reading!

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