Among the Poppies – and six more

Last post I mentioned I was behind (no lie, I am) and that there would be bare bones information given until I could catch up. That was the intent but it was impossible not to say something, so, each book has a small blurb. I hope you feel enticed to read some of them.

Flights of Fancy  American Heiresses Series – Flights of Fancy book 1 – Jen Turano …. this is about an heiress needing to flee an arranged marriage to an elderly, disgusting man. She is desperate to find a way to disappear and not be dragged back.

The plan she comes up with is to answer an ad for help in a small rural community, using an assumed name. The position she finds is for housekeeper, something she knows nothing about. She hopes she can fake it enough to be believed.

The man hiring her is desperate, for several reasons. He can see she is lying but his family has taken to her and convinces him to give her a chance.

Will Not See   Sight Unseen Series – Will Not See book 2 – Chautona Havig …..  Housekeeping awakens her when they enter a hotel room they think is empty. They begin to back out of the room when they see her but stop at her cry for help. She’s distraught because it’s a strange world. She doesn’t know who she is, where she is, or why she’s here.

Not knowing what else to do, they take her to a hospital for help. This is not a first time situation for hospital staff. They still don’t know how to deal with it so they call in the first victim, hoping her experience will offer the help they don’t have.

The contents of her hotel room suggest she has powerful connections somewhere, but where?  What possible dangers could her past hold?


True to You  A Bradford Sisters Romance – True to You book 1 – Becky Wade ….  She is a librarian, genealogist, and business owner – with a painful romantic past. She’s decided marriage is not for her. She’ll immerse herself in her career and business ventures. That will be enough.

He has had a successful military career. Now he’s faced with medical issues which means he needs insight into his genetic makeup. Finding anything about his birth family has proved to be a challenge and he needs help. That’s why he’s here… he’s been told she maybe be able to uncover the information he’s after.

Among the Poppies  Among the Poppies – J’nell Ciesielski …. She has no interest in becoming a lady of privilege. She’s been allowed to learn much as chauffer’s daughter and now…. All she wants is a chance to put her knowledge of engines to work  and do her part in helping to win this war.

Gender and social status work against her in normal channels but an alliance with a powerful benefactress gives her the opportunity she needs. She’s determined to become an ambulance driver on the battlefield.

Love for a handsome captain isn’t enough to keep her from volunteering for dangerous missions.

For Love of Liberty  Silver Lining Ranch Series  – For Love of Liberty book 1 – Julie Lessman ……  They were arch enemies in school years, always battling for first place honors.

She’s completed her university training and taken a job in journalism. One of her first tasks is to interview the director of a major railway company. Her nerves are on edge, she has to do well at this if she wants a chance to be taken seriously.

Waiting is torture. With her attention on the view outside the window the approach of someone from behind catches her unaware. It’s a shock to turn around and find the person she is here to interview is…….. her arch enemy.

A Perilous Proposal  Carolina Cousins Series – A Perilous Proposal book 1 – Michael Phillips …. This is a story of life for blacks after the abolition of slavery. The life of slavery was hard but life after slavery has it’s challenges too. Just in different ways.

Michael Phillips has a heart for hearing stories that need to be told and he tells them well.

the Second Noel  The Second Noel – Chautona Havig …..  She learns that a family has been scammed. The Diabetic Alert Dog worth thousands is a fake, he has not been properly trained. The community feels ripped off because they contributed for this one and now many think they shouldn’t be asked to give a second time. She feels bad for the dilemma of this family and is determined to find a way to help them. Their son nearly died because the dog missed the signs.

For some reason, he feels compelled to try and help her with this cause. He is unaware of her animosity toward him for not calling again after their first and only date five years ago.

The mention of these books has been in limbo for a number of months, that why one from Christmas made the list.

Happy reading everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the Romance and Mystery pages for a complete list of books mentioned on this blog. You may find them to be a helpful resource.

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