The Secret of Willow Inn

Here is another installment in the long list of books already read.  As always, there were some I enjoyed more than others but they were all a good read. Lots of variety in the story lines and a number of authors I’d not read before.  Eleven books in all since two were box sets.

The Secret of Willow Inn  Willow Falls Series – The Secret of Willow Inn book 1 – Pat Nichols …. Emily, who has always longed for a sister, is devastated when her parents are killed in a tragic car crash. She’s only just told them she is expecting twin girls.

Her parents dream for this small town is the restoration of Willow Inn and the crumbling hotel next door. They are pursuing an investor but haven’t heard from him in weeks. If he doesn’t come though will it be possible for Emily to carry on with their dream?

Rachel wants to be an actress, that’s been a dream since childhood. Her driven father has other plans. He expects she will take over as head of his highly successful real estate investment business one day. A client, with an interest in establishing a vineyard in Willow Falls, wants to take her for an onsite visit to help close the deal. Will time away help her find the courage to stand up to her father?

Sadie has recently been released, having serving a thirty year prison sentence for shooting her step father. With nowhere else to go, she has  returned to Willow Falls. The Sheriff and his wife believe in her but many of the other residents don’t and feel she needs to leave. Emily sides with the Sheriff and is willing to give Sadie a chance. There is more to the story than anyone has been told.

It seems this small town holds many secrets. And somehow these lives are woven together.


Stories from a Front Porch A Southern Season: Four Stories From a Porch Swing – Lillie Beth in Summer – Eva Mae Everson, Ice Melts in Spring – Linda W Yezak, Through an Autumn Window – Clair Fullerton, A Magnolia Blooms in Winter – Ane Mulligan ….. I found these stories didn’t all appeal equally but were still worth the read. Each romance was unique.

Lord of Her Heart  Lord of Her Heart – Sherrinda Ketchersid ….  Her father sent her to a convent allowing only sporadic visits to the castle she calls home. She’s worried because he’s not answered her letters in more than a year.  She overhears a conversation between two nuns, planning to marry her off soon unless she willingly takes her vows as nun. Disguising herself as a young lad she runs away before this can happen.

Malcolm is in a hurry, he’s travelling with the intention of winning a tournament to secure property for himself. His sense of honor has him taking the time to rescue a scrawny young lad, suffering a beating at the hands of two burly men. He has no idea he’s rescued a girl. Or that they share a destination.

Her secret is out when she suffers a serious knife wound in a skirmish and he has to treat the wound.  Her identity and purpose for travel is still a mystery. She may live to regret not trusting him.

finding love in the low country  Finding Love in the Low Country Series – Somewhere a Rainbow book 1, After the Storm book 2, Southern Gentleman book 3, Catch of a Lifetime book 4 – Yvonne Lehman ….  All four were stories worth reading. Painful pasts, secrets, family responsibilities, learning to trust again.

Ruffling Society  Aspiring Hearts Series – Ruffling Society book 2 – Kay Moser …. Sarah is the daughter of an immigrant farmer and is destined to marry the son of a neighbor so that, jointly, their farms will prosper. Her dream is to become a teacher. Her mother had such a dream, once, and is determined to help Sarah escape.

Lee is drawn to the beautiful new young woman. Sarah is drawn to him too, but she’s afraid. She believes marriage would destroy any hope of achieving her teaching dream.

Mentors with means are opening doors for her, wanting to help her realize her potential, while quietly encouraging love.

Lee doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Her dreams are important to him and he can wait.

More to come.

Happy Reading


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