Free book May 02, 2023

Another good book day. This one is an author I’ve not read. The first few pages look interesting and the comments promise it will not let you go once you’ve started. Sounds good to me.

Tru: Guardian Group Security Team Book 1

A lie brought them together. The truth could tear them apart.

Knowing her job at Beacon Art Gallery is on shaky ground, Kayleigh Kingston is desperate to prove herself to her boss. Which is why she jumps at the chance to retrieve a treasured artifact and escort it safely back to New York. Little does she know, her boss has a secret… and it could cost Kayleigh everything.

Thaddeus Tru lives to bring criminals to justice, and his latest case seems an easy one. Get cozy with a woman smuggling relics, but be cautious knowing she may be willing to kill to avoid capture. It sounds cut and dry… until he meets Kayleigh.

Tangled in a web of poisonous lies and a magnetic attraction, Tru and Kayleigh are drawn to each other. Will the secrets they harbor crush any hope of a future together? Or the will truths exposed strengthen them to weather any storm?


Well, it’s only one, but one is better than none.

My current read is a collection and it’s good. I’m impressed and happy. And I’m up to book seven.

Hidden Sins – A Redemption Creek Romantic Suspense by Edie James
Redemption Creek, where sometimes justice needs a helping hand.

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