A new author, and bargain books April 29, 2023

The beauty of reading collections? The discovery of new-to-me authors. I’m currently reading a 10 book collection and Liz Bradford did an awesome job of writing the story I’ve just finished. I need to check her out and maybe find more of her books. I see she was listed in another collection in my library but that’s all the exposure I’ve had, that I remember anyway. There could have been other collections with her stories but, sadly, they don’t always show up in my searches. I’ve explored some of the books she’s written and found one that is a bargain, it sounds interesting and it’s 465 pages, what could be better than that for a solid introduction.

Small Town Danger: 10 Full-Length Romantic Suspense & Mystery Novels is my current read. It’s still a bargain and definitely worth the reading time. Liz’s book in the collection? #2 Swept Away

The book I’m about to download?

NOT ALONE: The Detectives of Hazel Hill – Book One

When single moms are turning up dead, Police Detective Rebecca Palmer will stop at nothing to bring the killer to justice.

Detective Rebecca Palmer is hunting a serial killer bent on inflicting a warped sense of Biblical judgment. But, with so few clues, she struggles to catch his trail. The killer’s obsession with murdering single moms grips Rebecca’s heart with profound intensity, since she herself is a single mom. Will she be able to stop him before he takes another mother away from her child?

Jared Johnson fought crime as a detective on the streets of Chicago but has decided to trade the inner city for the simpler life of the south. His brother said Hazel Hill, North Carolina is a great place to live, and Jared is willing to test his brother’s claims. But is the move just another stop as Jared runs from his past, or will Hazel Hill be the place his restless soul can finally settle down?


That’s it for the moment.

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