Bargain books April 21, 2023

Another good book day.

Expert Witness Rachel Dylan

Sketch artist Sydney Berry has testified in many trials as an expert witness, but nothing could have prepared her for what was next. As a key witness in a high-profile murder case, Sydney is targeted in a drive by shooting on the courthouse steps, putting her life in danger.

United States Marshal Max Preston thinks he knows the real reason why Sydney is in danger, and he fights to get her to safety. Sydney refuses to be a victim and is determined to testify in the murder trial to help secure a conviction. But as the threats keep coming, she has no choice but to accept Max’s offer of protection even if it means learning to trust again because of the dark secrets of her past. As the threats against her life continue to mount, Sydney won’t back down from returning to the courtroom to give her testimony, but is taking the stand worth risking her life?


There is another one.

Calculated Risk: Christian Romantic Suspense (Triumph Over Adversity Book 1)

He carries the burden of his mistakes.

The wounds on Jason Gonzalez’s body are nothing compared to the ones on his heart. The former Marine avoids getting close to anyone new, especially his gorgeous next-door neighbor. Until he hears a scream coming from her house in the middle of the night.

Her enemies are too numerous to count.

Addison Foster escaped an abusive marriage and has become an advocate for others. When an intruder breaks into her home and nearly kills her, Addison is rescued by an unlikely protector. But the threats against her aren’t over and she needs help.

Danger around every corner.

Jason makes it his mission to keep Addison safe, but keeping her out of his heart proves impossible. As the threats increase, there’s no room for mistakes. Will his calculated risk pay off or will it end in tragedy?


That’s it for now.

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