Free book April 20, 2023

I’m excited. BookBub has a free suggestion, one that has gotten off to a dramatic start. Lots and lots of drama in the first few pages. This one will be next up for sure.

Promise Forever (Harland Creek Series Book 3) 

Growing up in Harland Creek, Gabriela Jackson was the girl all the guys wanted and all the girls wanted to be. Until one tragic night that rocks the entire town and leaves her the object of scorn.
Unable to stay in a place where the entire town hates her, she signs a modeling contract with an elite New York agency just to get away.

She soon discovered the darker side of beauty. After refusing to compromise her morals, she’s labeled as difficult and black balled in the industry. With nowhere else to turn, she returns to Harland Creek. But her homecoming is far from warm.

Judgmental stares. Incessant gossip behind her back. Hurtful preconceived notions. Now, more than ever, Gabriela is determined to prove only she can define who she is as a person.

Colin Bennet left his scandal-riddled family in England to forge his own respectable path in life. The small town charm of Harland Creek seemed the perfect place to open a book store, and focus on penning his first novel. Turns out that second part would be far easier if American women weren’t falling all over him simply because of his accent.

But there is one who seems uninterested in his worldly charms. An intoxicating beauty with razor sharp wit, striking intelligence and a damaged reputation.


I did check around a little to see if there was something else. Maybe later there might be something, we’ll see.

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