Less tell, more show March 28, 2023

I wasn’t sure if I would connect with this book and sadly, I didn’t. I think it was probably a good enough story, just not for me by the looks of it. I did, at least, read the last three chapters to see how it turned out. It seemed like all the high points were covered at the end and that was good enough for me.

This is the book I had in mind with the less tell and more show comment. I felt like I was being educated and it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Shadowed by a Spy (Suspicious Shores Book 2)

When Lexie Smithfield boards the early morning Long Island train to Manhattan in 1942, she feels safe having left the threat of danger behind her at Jekyll Island. Little does she know, the four men who boarded the train with her are Nazi spies sent to wreak havoc in the United States.

Did the so-called Smithfield family curse follow her to New York?

What will happen to Lexie when she innocently befriends one of the spies and gets involved in the spy ring? And with her fiance Russell overseas, who will protect her?


This next one is the book I thought I had in mind with the too much tell and not enough show comment but at this point I don’t think so anymore. Looking back over the chapters I can tell I didn’t read the whole book although I did read the last few chapters. I do remember that much. But I gave it four stars so I must have read enough to have an opinion.

I’m surprised and sad, given the glowing endorsements, that I didn’t love the book. Maybe another time.

The Dark Guest: A Standalone Romantic Suspense novel (The Cold War Legacy Book 1) 

When Violet Lundy isn’t cleaning rooms at Happy Hills Assisted Living Facility, she loves spending her free time with resident Rainer Kopecek. Hearing his stories of the dangerous life he led behind the Iron Curtain in East Berlin makes her own life seem more tolerable. But when Rainer is found dead and his room in disarray, Violet suspects foul play.

Dr. Henry Silverton lives among his books, teaching and writing about the Cold War. A letter about an East German traitor known only as “The Wolf” propels Henry out of academia and into Violet’s life. Together, they embark on a perilous quest to uncover the truth about Rainer’s death and the traitor’s identity.

Can Violet and Henry uncover the secrets of the past before one of them ends up as The Wolf’s next victim?


This is another one I couldn’t get into and didn’t rate. I did read the last couple of chapters with this one too, to see how it ended. I’ve read and enjoyed other books by this author so I’m not adding him to the dislike list. It is not a bad book, it just wasn’t for me at this moment. Maybe it was the archaeology element that I found boring.

Promised Land (A Chosen People Novel Book 2) 

Despite their Israeli citizenship, Hana and Daud cannot safely return to their homeland because a dangerous terrorist ring is threatening Daud. Hana is perfectly fine remaining in the United States, working for a law firm in Atlanta, especially when she learns she’s pregnant. But Daud can’t shake the draw to return home to Israel, even if it makes him a walking target.

Hana is helping her boss plan a huge summit in Atlanta when Jakob Brodsky, her old friend and former co-litigator, asks for her help with a case. His client is attempting to recover ancient artifacts stolen from his Jewish great-grandfather at the end of World War II. Because the case crosses several national borders, he needs Hana’s knowledge and skill to get to the bottom of what happened to these precious artifacts.

Meanwhile, Daud is called in to help a US intelligence agency extract a Ukrainian doctor from a dangerous situation in Egypt. While overseas, he can’t resist the call of Jerusalem and thus sets off a series of events that puts thousands of people in danger, including his wife and unborn child.


On the bright side, there are still books I loved on the read-and-enjoyed but not-yet-shared list. I was hoping to give all of them more attention than usual but I’m falling behind faster this way, not keeping up at all. It’s a good thing I’m not reading quite as many lately as I was, the list would be even longer.

Maybe I’ll dump the whole pile tomorrow. Just a thought.

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