Free book February 23, 2023

That turned out well! An unexpected pleasure. On a whim, I decided to check out one of our regular authors to see if she has anything new coming up. Her pre-order price is always a bargain. Nothing new there but wouldn’t you know someone else has a surprise bargain.

A few days ago I read book 1 in a series by an author new to me. I loved it. Well, today book 2 in the series is not just a bargain but it’s FREE. How exciting is that?

Battered Justice (Tucker and McKenna, FBI Book 2) 

When a fellow agent is shot south of Baltimore, FBI Special Agents Jake Tucker and Cass McKenna lead a team to find the shooter. Soon the agents are targeting a low-level street gang. Jake keeps finding evidence linking the gang and drugs to a nearby casino, one Senator Chase Westfield helped get approved.

Chase is the new husband of Jake’s ex-wife, Tam. Tension builds between the two men as Jake discovers Chase is abusing Tam–and putting Jake’s kids at risk. Soon they’re on a collision course from which only one can emerge.

“Battered Justice” is the sequel to “Bloody Point.”


Here is book 1 if you’d like to start there. I loved it and gave it a precious and sparingly awarded five stars. The synopsis doesn’t do this book justice, it was way better than I expected.

Bloody Point (Tucker and McKenna, FBI Book 1)

Looking for some peace in her life, FBI Special Agent Cassidy McKenna leaves the Bureau, retreats to a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, and struggles with the recent death of her husband and her shaken faith in God. When her former partner, Jake, is assaulted and nearly killed and then her marina is torched, Cass knows she must find out why.

She believes the crimes are connected and unofficially investigates, not knowing that she is both the hunter and the hunted. She must connect the evidence, help Jake deal with his brain injury, and find the perpetrator before she becomes the next victim.


This has been a slow book day but I will keep my eyes open in case anything else shows up.

Maybe I should mention the most recent Christy Barritt book that showed up in my mailbox in the middle of the night. Release day.

Desperate Rescue (Vanishing Ranch Book 10)

Vanishing Ranch founder Charlie Soldier is closer than ever to discovering who orchestrated the hotel bombing that killed hundreds of people and ultimately led to her father’s death. But as she and her team tighten the noose, the culprit threatens to expose secrets that could destroy Charlie.

Monroe Davis, Charlie’s right-hand man, has been sidelined with life-threatening injuries. His extended hospital stay has made his future feel uncertain, and he knows he needs to make some changes. But first, he needs to recover so he can protect the woman he loves.

As everything Charlie cares about comes under attack, she desperately tries to hold her world together. But the entire Vanishing Ranch team will need to intensify their efforts to ensure their operation isn’t ruined—as well as their lives and the lives of those they help.


Happy Reading y’all

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