Bargain book February 06, 2023

It looks like the no-book dry spell has come to an end, 1531 Entertainment has a suggestion for us. It’s such a good one that I will be abandoning my current read in favor of this one. Book two in this series was in the lineup a month ago so we know by experience that this read will be just as good.

Tough as Steele: (Steele Guardians – Book 1)

Searching for an abducted woman…
Detective Londyn Steele is thrown into the deep end when she’s assigned to find an abducted socialite. Problem is, her family’s company, Steele Guardians, was supposed to protect the family matriarch at her eightieth birthday party when she disappears, and Londyn fears her investigation will expose problems in her family’s company and bring them down. Especially when County Detective Nate Ryder declares jurisdiction over the scene, and Londyn must take a back seat in one of the most important cases she’s ever investigated.

Could put them in a deadly killer’s crosshairs.
Londyn has no choice but to work with Nate and bristles at his interference at first, but soon forms a working truce so they can combine forces to locate this missing woman before it’s too late. As they search for leads, emotions he hasn’t felt since before his service as a Navy SEAL come to the surface. He credits Londyn for unearthing the guy he used to be before his military service, and Londyn can barely fight her attraction for him. But when they fear the socialite was murdered and the killer is still hunting, seeking another prey, their feelings for each other have to be put on hold to stay alive.


Although now that I read a bit more in my current book I may have to change my mind about ditching it for this new one. And now that I remember the current read is a three book collection maybe a compromise would be in order. Take a break after book one and then come back for the other two. Definitely worth thinking about.

Black Hills Song: A Sweet Historical Romance Set in the Black Hills

After losing their Ma and Pa to a tragic illness, Ezekiel Wagner and his brothers are plagued by a mysterious addendum in their will. A threat against the only family they have left forces them to risk everything to save their aunt’s life before the curtain closes on the construction of her opera house.

Tender Melody

As an orphan, Martha never had a family. When she is falsely accused and loses her position, she’s left penniless and desperate. Desperate enough to consider Ezekiel’s marriage of convenience offer. The business arrangement will benefit them both, but will she end up falling in love with the honorable man who saved her from poverty?


That’s all I have for today but I could be back soon. My already-read list is getting out of hand again and needs some clearing out.

Until then. . .

Happy reading!

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