Read and enjoyed December 01, 2022

This has been a good reading month. Great in fact, once I took a closer look at how many finished books there were. The worst thing looking back through all of the covers, few of them were ringing any memory bells for me. If they weren’t flagged as read I would never have believed I read them.

I definitely did remember my favorites though.


I know I enjoyed these because they hadn’t already been removed from my device, I was saving them to share with you..

Just for fun I counted up the books purchased in November and then looked to see how many were read.

Thirty-Three new books. Twenty-five of them read. No wonder I don’t remember them all. Flying through them that quickly.

It has been fun, I must say.

It’s actually not that big a deal when you think about it. Most of the books give an estimated read time and it is usually 4 – 6 hours, give or take a few. If there is not much else going on (which is usually the case for me) it’s relatively easy to read a book a day.

Some months I don’t manage to do as well working my way through the month’s books so I’m thrilled with the way November turned out.


There was one suggestion today that looked enticing. 1531 Entertainment brought it to our attention. We have been enjoying this author.

Trial and Error 

A small-town lawyer has been searching for his daughter for eighteen years. Now a local girl has gone missing, and he’s determined to find them both—no matter the cost.

Buddy Smith built his law practice around tracking down missing children. After all, he knows the agony of being separated from a child. Not long after his daughter’s birth, her mother took her and ran away. Buddy hasn’t seen either since.

Gracie Blaylock has known Buddy her entire life, and now that she is clerk of court for the county, their paths cross frequently. When Gracie hears that a teenager is missing, she knows Buddy is the one for the case.

The missing girl’s parents are desperate for answers. Together with Gracie and Mayleah—the new detective in town—Buddy chases every lead, hoping to reach the missing teen before it’s too late. While he pursues one girl, he uncovers clues that could bring him closer to the daughter he thought he’d lost forever.

Master storyteller Robert Whitlow will keep you guessing in this gripping legal drama while also reminding you of the power of God’s restoration.


That’s it for new books. maybe tomorrow will be better.

Current read.

Fractured Diamond

Happy Reading!

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