Current read November 24, 2022

Good evening one and all. This has been a quiet day as far as books go. There were a few suggestions earlier but they were repeats of recent books mentioned on other sites. I read a couple of books while waiting for the sun to move past my work computer this morning. They were written in such a way that it was possible to jump ahead every two or three chapters and still know what was going on. They are the good kind of reads to have every now and then, keep things moving a long.

I started a new book tonight and it doesn’t look like it will be the type to let me get away with that kind of behavior. It’s shaping up to be a good read. It doesn’t have the same old same old vibe going on either. I have to say I’m enjoying that aspect.

Wow, this one didn’t stay at the bargain price for very long. Jump on them quick is my motto. It isn’t too bad a price even at this though, could be much higher.


Sarah: Cold Case Murder Mystery Series

Investigating cold case murders comes with a deadly price…

After a life-threatening home invasion, Ava Montgomery refuses to let her fear stop her from investigating cold case murders and she throws herself back into work.

Her next case: the murder of fifteen-year-old, Sarah Lewis.

This time, Ava has a connection to the case, a boy she grew up with: Elite performer and Olympic athlete, Jaxson Wells. Handsome, successful, and currently the lead suspect.

But is the man she once attended Bible study with capable of killing? The more time she spends with him, the more her gut tells her he is innocent.

But if Jax didn’t kill Sarah, then who did?

Can Ava and Jax uncover the killer’s identity before she becomes their next victim?


And now back to the book.

Browsing hasn’t produced anything interesting this time either but tomorrow is another day. Never give up hope.

Happy reading y’all

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