Free and bargain books November 21, 2022

BookBub has a Free suggestion by an author new to me. Interesting, I’m going for it.

Sarah: Cold Case Murder Mystery Series

Investigating cold case murders comes with a deadly price…

After a life-threatening home invasion, Ava Montgomery refuses to let her fear stop her from investigating cold case murders and she throws herself back into work.

Her next case: the murder of fifteen-year-old, Sarah Lewis.

This time, Ava has a connection to the case, a boy she grew up with: Elite performer and Olympic athlete, Jaxson Wells. Handsome, successful, and currently the lead suspect.

But is the man she once attended Bible study with capable of killing? The more time she spends with him, the more her gut tells her he is innocent.

But if Jax didn’t kill Sarah, then who did?

Can Ava and Jax uncover the killer’s identity before she becomes their next victim?


While I was looking at Sarah, a new Christy Barritt mystery showed up. So glad I noticed.

High Stakes Deception (Vanishing Ranch Book 6) 

Former Texas Ranger and rodeo champion Ainsley Tatum will do whatever is necessary to figure out the truth surrounding her brother’s death in a terrorist bombing fifteen years ago. When her boss at Vanishing Ranch hands her the opportunity to find answers, Ainsley is all in—except for one caveat.

In order to discover the truth without raising suspicions, Ainsley has to go undercover, pretending to be newly married to the man who once broke her heart.

Carter Winslow knows his father’s fatal car crash was no accident. When he agrees to work with Vanishing Ranch to find answers, he never imagines what’s in store for him. Pretending to be married might not be so bad . . . if his fake bride didn’t despise him.

With thousands of lives potentially on the line, Ainsley and Carter must find a way to get past their differences and pull off the biggest charade of their lives. But when the deception around them deepens, the stakes grow higher and more dangerous than either could have imagined.


This is a had-to-have, it’s not much of a bargain, which is what I’m usually looking for but it is still better than full price (price is the guideline to keep my buying under control, some people gamble, I buy books, what can I say) (it is possible to find great bargains on awesome books) Anyway I have books 1 – 6 in this series, all except for book two. A few days ago I read and loved book 6 and now I must read book 2, the blurb has me hooked. That and Mr. Bunn has a gift for creating characters that are deeply emotional and real. Enticing enough to keep me reading all night. Not tonight though.

Firefly Cove (Miramar Bay Book 2)

A dying man hopes for a second chance with the woman he loves in this novel for fans of Nicholas Sparks.
Since the age of seven, Lucius Quarterfield has known he is dying. Doctors told him he had a “bad ticker” and might not live to see his next birthday. But somehow, the frail yet determined boy managed to hang on and surprise everyone. Lucius not only survived to adulthood, he thrived, turning a small car dealership into a successful chain. But now, at twenty-eight, his time is finally running out. So he’s returning to the one place he ever felt happy, near the only woman he ever truly wanted—the California seaside town of Miramar Bay…
Jessica was the only daughter of the only dentist in town. She was able to follow in her father’s footsteps, as he desired. But Jessica preferred the simple things in life—a trait that captivated Lucius from the moment he arrived in town. Her quick wit and carefree approach to life were a breath of fresh air to a man who devoted all his time to work. Soon they were falling head over heels—until Lucius pulled away, to spare her the pain of his inevitable fate. Now, after all this time, he’s going to make each moment count. Because he knows that everything is about to change…he just can’t know exactly how.

“In Bunn’s emotional novel, readers will be…swept away by Lucius’s and Jessica’s love story.”—Publishers Weekly


It has been an unexpectedly good book day. What a gift.

Happy Reading.

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