Bargain Book November 08, 2022

Davis Bunn is a heavy hitter in the favorite author category.

He has a new co-author and book one in a new series coming out today according to this morning’s email. I wanted to see what it was about (the cover and sample) but sadly it is not on yet. I haven’t checked any other countries, like the USA, to see if it’s is there.

There is a full description in the email but it’s too much to share here. There is an endorsement though that sheds a little light on what the book is about, it’s not very long. Here it is…

Charles Salzberg, well-known writing teacher and award winning crime author, had this to say: “Set in the rarified, dazzling circle of the super-rich, Guptara and Locke’s intricate, fast-paced international thriller consistently delivers the thrills and chills inherent in the high stakes, cut-throat world of high-finance in which murder is simply another business option.”

The name of the book is Fortune’s Favor and I’m looking forward to a glimpse of it. It appears to be taking off in a whole new direction, Mr. Bunn is known for doing that. Check out his book list and you will see for yourself.

 Searching through his books, just because, I found one I don’t have yet and it is offered at a bargain price (my kind of book.)

The Emerald Tide (Miramar Bay Book 6) 

A breathtaking new novel about letting go, taking chances, and embracing the healing power of love—from the international bestselling author of Tranquility Falls.

Just when he thought he’d buried his past and was moving on . . .

Four years after his wife’s death, art history teacher Derek Gaines.has finally made a kind of peace with himself. He tries his best to stave off memories. His days are ones of familiar routine. Guarded against further pain, he keeps relationships at a safe distance. It’s all part of his necessary transition to surviving alone. If anything is truly responsible for Derek making it back from the brink it’s his edifying work as a consultant for auction houses—and indulging a consuming sideline job: tracking stolen art. But Derek’s latest hunt will lead him toward challenges both professional and personal—that he’s not prepared to
face . . .

He discovered the art of falling in love again . . .

Joining Derek on his quest is Kelly Reid, the new junior vice president of gallery operations at Christies Los Angeles. She is driven, ambitious, fiercely passionate about her work—and a fellow wounded kindred spirit. Bitterly immune to men’s promises, she’s never letting herself be vulnerable again. Yet even as trust and affection remain frightening territory, a tenuous start to her partnership with Derek slowly builds toward something more. And soon, both will be tested beyond anything they could have imagined–in the deepening mystery of a lost painting, and in matters of the heart, which can be the greatest mystery of all.
With love comes risk in The Emerald Tide, a powerful and emotional novel about daring to take a second chance.


See what I mean about genres and Davis Bunn? This series is nothing at all like the new one mentioned above.

Here is the link if you are interested in following them.

Davis Bunn & Jyoti Guptara

Happy Reading.

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