No books day November 09, 2022

There weren’t any in sight to even turn down. Most days we have 3-4 suggestion emails but today there was one. Strange for the middle of the week.

Maybe the book suggestors had a late night last night, listening to the US election results, and couldn’t get motivated today.

Things are bizarre in the US when it comes to election results. In Canada we may have to stay up pretty late but generally we know who won the majority of the races before the night is over. Unless it is tight and needs greater scrutiny to know for sure. It just seems weird that they haven’t figured out a good system for ballot counting by now. It’s not like elections are something new. I’m thinking most of us would be fired from our jobs if we moved that slowly at work. Truly mystifying. Frustrating too. Who has the patience or the interest to pay attention that long? Maybe if we lived there and cared. But maybe not.

All that to say I’ve moved on. Not that anyone cares haha

So I’ve been reading off and on through the day and I can’t say this book has been holding my attention any better than the US election coverage. In the end I skimmed, jumped chapters, and found the end as quickly as possible. It’s a collection and the second book was no better. I’ve moved on. Way too much thinking time.

Here are the books I’ve left behind. Maybe not forever, but for now anyway.


This is the replacement current read. So far so good. Hopefully it will be good right to the end.

Keatyn’s mother died in a house fire and she blames her dad for not rescuing her. In her mind he let her mother die and she will never forgive him.

Years have gone by, she’s worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and she is good at her job. The trouble is she has become a bitter woman. People who were her friends accuse her of being mean and selfish.

Now her dad is dying and she’s home for the first time since the fire. She would leave before even saying hello but her brother lifted her car keys and she has no way to run, except on foot. It’s not working out all that well for her, Marching away in three inch heels.

I’m assuming there will be eventually be a happy ending to this story but I suspect it may be rather painful getting there.


Can’t believe how quickly time is rushing by. It will be Christmas in a couple of days. Seriously!

At least the snow has not come to stay yet.

Happy Reading y’all

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