Bargain books October 25, 2022

This may be a good day afterall.

BookBub has a suggestion for us with an author we’ve seen many times before. It’s possible I’ve even read this book, it was first published in 1997.

A Time to Mend 

Her mother’s tragic death led Jacquelyn Wilkes to her career as a nurse, in hopes of saving others from similar sorrow. But her carefully built world was shaken when a new doctor, Jonah Martin, arrived at the clinic. Warm with his patients, yet coolly distant toward the nurses, his behavior fueled her mistrust, until she discovered a lump in her own breast–one that was malignant.

In Jonah, Jacquelyn found an unexpected ally in the fight of her life, though she could sense the secret turmoil behind his thoughtful gaze. When past accusations came back to haunt the handsome Jonah, Jacquelyn must find within herself the strength to heal her doctor’s wounds.


Browsing, I found author Christy Barritt has a couple of cute bargain books.

Bound by Disaster (Beach Bound Books and Beans Mysteries Book 2)

Talitha Robinson is knee-deep in renovations as she prepares to open her new bookstore when a body washes ashore on Lantern Beach. While news of the suspicious death surges across the island, a stranger comes knocking on Tali’s door, begging her to endorse his unfinished suspense novel.

Unable to dissuade the author, Tali is left holding his manuscript in her hands. But she has no idea of the peril written on its pages.

Mac MacArthur has kept his distance from Tali since they uncovered a shocking connection about their pasts. But when someone begins to act out the murderous scenes from the book, one victim at a time, Mac’s protective instincts override his decision to stay away.

As danger escalates, Mac and Tali must manage their conflicting feelings as they work together to stop this killer . . . before the last chapter is written.


Bound by Mystery (Beach Bound Books and Beans Mysteries Book 3)

Talitha Robinson is well on her way to completing renovations for her new bookstore, Beach Bound Books and Beans, in Lantern Beach, North Carolina. But when she hosts a friendly meet-and-greet with bookstore owners from nearby islands, the progress she’s making comes to a deadly end.

Someone is backstabbed—literally—right under Tali’s nose. To make matters worse, Tali’s fingerprints are all over the murder weapon and a neighbor claims to have seen Tali commit the crime.

Mac MacArthur knows Tali isn’t the type to hurt anyone, but it doesn’t take a former police chief to figure out things don’t look good for her. The two work together to read between the lines and decipher the truth before Tali gets locked away for crimes she didn’t commit.

As more evidence stacks up, it becomes clear that someone wants to take Tali out of the story. For good.


Happy Reading!

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