Another good read September 10, 2022

It’s Saturday but it feels like Sunday for some reason. I’m glad it is Saturday though, that means we have one more day in the weekend to read.

My current read was definitely able to keep my attention, once again. It’s a two book collection, I loved book one and I’m almost finished book two, also an attention getter. It is still a bargain, if you are interested.

Protecting Her Daughter and Under the Lawman’s Protection 

A promise to protect

Protecting Her Daughter by Lynette Eason

After someone attempts to abduct her daughter, single mom Zoe Collier flees to a remote ranch for safety. But when the would-be kidnappers follow them to Wrangler’s Corner, Zoe must figure out why somebody wants Sophia. Quick-witted and caring, local vet Aaron Starke is just the type of man she needs in her corner. And he might be her partner for keeps…if they can find the truth without losing their lives.


Under the Lawman”s Protection by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Laura Scott

For SWAT team negotiator Isaac Morrison, safeguarding Leah Nichols and her young son is his most challenging mission yet. Leah’s brother—his best friend, Shane—has gone missing while working undercover. Now it’s up to Isaac to shield mother and child from Shane’s enemies. He’ll need his best protection skills against their formidable adversary. Because he can’t risk losing the little family who has stealthily claimed his heart.


I didn’t notice until now that there are two authors, not just one. The cover lead me astray. It wasn’t very clear about identifying the second book.

I did vaguely notice a difference when starting the second story but passed it off as the author managing to sound a little different in the second book. I guess not. There is always, at the very least, a subtle sameness that is most noticeable when reading a full series in a short space of time. That was missing this time. I was blissfully unaware but happy.

Anyway, I enjoy both authors and enjoyed both books.

There was a sameness to them in that the publishing house must have specified a theme that was closely carried through both books. They almost could have been written by the same author if story line was the only consideration.


There are just a few chapters left and curiosity is killing me.

Happy Reading y’all

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