Christy Barritt’s new book September 02, 2022

Prolific Christy Barritt has yet another new book, third one in the Vanishing Ranch series. I’m thrilled to see it.

Risky Ambition (Vanishing Ranch Book 3)

Former Navy fighter pilot Nate Casper, also known as Ghost, splits his time between flying jet-setting celebrities around the world and volunteering to help with rescues at Vanishing Ranch. When movie star Chesney Blake books a trip with him, Ghost sets aside his attraction to her in order to remain professional.

But when his flight plan gets waylaid by a barrage of bullets, putting Chesney in danger, his intention of keeping his distance takes a nosedive.

Chesney Blake needs a break before filming her next movie. But when her getaway erupts into nothing short of chaos and her pilot transforms into her protector, her vacation plans are forgotten. Does someone really want her dead? Or was she even the intended target?

As more incidents threaten their safety, Chesney and Ghost set out to uncover the truth. But as they get closer to finding answers, Chesney is faced with a fate worse than she ever imagined—even worse than death itself.


I’ve been checking carefully in case I’ve missed anything else we really need. It looks like this is it.

I’d share my current read but I’m not liking it well enough to mention it. Maybe later.

Happy reading folks.

I hope you like Christy Barritt too. I’ve enjoyed this series mainly because it is a departure from others I’ve read of hers lately.

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