Bargain book August 20, 2022

The way things were going I didn’t expect to find any new books today. This Lisa Phillips mystery is a nice surprise. Here I thought I was going to have to resort to a this and that post and I’ve been wracking my brain for something to say. Saved by the bell, I mean, book.


When zoologist Elise Tanner is brought home to re-open a zoo destroyed by flood, she takes on more than she bargained for. This single mom is determined to set up her son Chase for his future, but the cost might prove too high when she runs into the last man she wants to see again.

US Marshal Jonah Rivers is the head of a Fugitive Apprehension Task Force hunting Elise’s brother. When a threat brings them together, both Elise and Jonah must contend with their shared past. There isn’t a moment of his life she wasn’t a part of…until she married his brother. Connected by grief and the betrayal of his family, the future they want is just out of reach.

Torn apart, life has brought them back together.

Jonah will protect Elise and his nephew while his team works to figure out who is targeting her, as long as his feelings don’t cloud his judgment. Locating her brother is the key piece to this puzzle, the answer to discovering who is behind illegal animal trading. Until an old friend proves more deadly than they ever imagined. But can they protect their hearts?


That’s all that came up in the search. It’s not like I need more, I just always want more.

I’m investigating the choice for next read after skimming through a dissatisfying romance (all cotton candy, no meat and potatoes) so that didn’t last long. There is no clear winner, so far, on what’s next. So many choices.

Here are three possibles.

Decisions, decisions.

I’ve started the first one A Perilous Plan, let’s see how that turns out. So far so good, there is hope.

I’ll let you know later how it goes.

Happy Reading

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