Current read August 11, 2022

Awesome! I’ve switched reads mid stream once again. You know how it is, it seems we have a streak of great books followed by a stream of less than great books. Three times I’ve changed, leaving four books unread while moving on. Maybe this time is a charm.

A pre-order release showed up this morning and I’m hooked on the first book. We have a medical emergency on an international flight. One passenger in fragile health, her nurse overcome with an unknown cause, passengers panicking lest they fall victim, and a military doctor without answers. Her support staff is worried about the flight crew. . . hoping they aren’t part of whatever terrible thing is going on.

It looks like I will be reading this book through to the end. I’m not sure about the other eight books in the collection but I have high hopes.

Winter Deceptions: A Collection of Suspense Novellas

MURDER ON FLIGHT 91 by Lisa Harris and Lynne Gentry

When a passenger collapses on an international flight, is it a medical emergency, or attempted murder?


Book two should be good judging by other books I’ve read by this author.


After experiencing an unspeakable tragedy, a young mother relocates from Brooklyn to a small mountain town in North Carolina. Will this be the fresh start she’s hoping for or the beginning of an even greater upheaval to her fragile world?


Today has been a slow book day, there have been a few suggestions but nothing enticing me to read.

Join me with this collection, it could be good.

Happy Reading.

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